MiG SQUAD - Official MiG Street Team

What is the MiG SQUAD?

In a nutshell, YOU are! Whether you are an active member of one of the fan run MiG fan sites, or just an individual MiG fan hoping to help spread the word about MiG and his music on your own, YOU are it!

What can a MiG SQUAD member do?

The possibilities are endless! Starting with...

  • Spread the word online through the use of official site promo, MiG network buttons, or your own creations!
  • Create your own MiG fan site! MiG loves to hear the news of a new MiG fan site in the works!
  • Rate and leave reviews of the music! Whether on iTunes, or any of the many sites that offer the option to do so. Every review helps!

Download and print the official MiG promo to pass out anywhere and everywhere you can! Even at MiG GiG's, as to spread the word on the official site!

On the air...

Request MiG's music! Radio stations across the country want to know what their listeners want to hear! Tell them you want to hear MiG!

Get creative...

MiG fans around the world have proven to be so creative! Anything you can think of to help spread the word on MiG is great! Put your creative thinking caps on and then... GO FOR IT!

But most of all...
Word of mouth. Tell all your friends about MiG! Tell them to visit the official site where they can hear the music, keep up with his whereabouts and next MiG GiG, buy his official merchandise and CD, and sign up for the mailing list to be kept up to the minute on all things MiG!

Do I need to sign up anywhere to be a member?

No. If you're a MiG fan, you are already a member!

MiG loves to hear about all his fans do in support of him so drop him a message to let him know what you are up to! 

Please note...

Any and all websites/groups/pages created by and/or run by fans, are independent of, and not a derivative of MiG, mig-music.com, or his representatives. Although their support is greatly appreciated, these sites are in no way affiliated to, approved, authorized, nor endorsed by, MiG, mig-music.com, or his representatives. The Official Street Team (MiGSQUAD) is the only Official MiG Street Team.

Thank you.


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