August 2014

16 August 2014   WHEN IN ROME... I don't even know where to begin with this. Where do I start to describe this incredible day? This morning I wake up in Ibiza, Spain. I pack my bags, load the car and bid farewell to my charming British hosts at the Can Wadi 'Airbnb'. As I make my way to the airport, I decide to take the coastal scenic route, and can barely breathe as I turn every winding steep corner as the view of the white beaches and turquoise waters are literally breathtaking. So much so I almost drive over a cliff! Almost Thelma & Louised my way off the island! I finally make my way to the airport upon which I see David Guetta's F*** ME, I'M FAMOUS airport lounge. Sushi and wine before the flight? Amazing. I get on board my Vueling flight and to my surprise have 3 seats to myself, and the flight attendants are as spectacular as the view outside my window seat. Seriously. The airbus smoothly lands in Rome. Italy. O. M. G!!!!! I know I get a little carried away at times, but truly, the greatest thing you can do in this lifetime is see this incredible world, one amazing place at a time. Nothing could prepare me for Rome. I am in love. This city. The people. My amazing find on Airbnb... I am so jealous of myself right now, but I do this for YOU!!! Put Rome on your bucket list. Do it now. You will just explode. I have an itchy trigger finger with my camera at the most mundane of times, thanks to my DNA, but in Rome, I'm getting a cramp in the finger. Can't-stop-shooting!!!! Every step is another incredible moment. To all my Italian friends, I know now why I love you so much!! Marucci, Fiorentino, Zanotto, Cicchino, Farricielli, Calveri, Strigari, Arnone, Malavasi, Barberi, Calvi, De Marco, Di Girolamo, Dilello, Di Caprio, De Niro etc etc etc... You get the point. I was so Spanish this morning, but tonight...Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano....!!!! Excuse me as my Pinot Grigio is getting warm. Ciao!!! Xxx

MiG and the Pantheon, complete with a Roman Centurian photo bomber

13 August 2014   I am surrounded by such sublime beauty at times when I feel I really need to see it. As I sit on a cliff face overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, as the sun sets over Ibiza Island, it strikes me how much one has to be suffering to deny oneself the opportunity to possibly one day see another sunset or experience all the wonderful things life can offer. I have known some dark times, and I have swam in vats of misery, but to really have felt such sadness that one would take one's own life, breaks me down to the core. Especially if that someone is one who was so loved, and such an inspiration to so many. If only he knew how much we all miss him, loved him, treasured his every word...I never met the man, but my heart is so heavy now that he is gone. He is immortal through all his movies, tv shows, and recordings and he will never be forgotten, always loved. My heart pours out for you and for your family. Oh captain, my captain, I will always endeavor to seize the day, until I too must sign off. Nanoo, nanoo... be at peace now. Thank you Robin Williams. The Earth was such a wonderful world with you on it. X

11 August 2014   Greetings from Ibiza! I've decided to take a bit of a holiday... This time traveling WITHOUT working, which I haven't done for a while, catching up with my good friends, soaking up the sun and culture that blesses this amazing island. Spoiling myself, but hey...Yolo. Xxx

Simon Sayer, Hannah Jane Fox and MiG, slumming it in Ibiza

July 2014

31 July 2014   Last night I was again inspired to be doing what I'm doing. I experienced ONCE on Broadway. It was an emotional roller coaster, told through incredible performances, beautiful music, creative staging and unparalleled artistry. I again, am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community that brings such beautiful extraordinary elements to our world. I thoroughly recommend, ONCE. GO SEE IT! X

30 July 2014   Once is never enough... So I drove down to Atlantic City to experience the QUEEN phenomenon again. No matter how many times I see them, every time was as though it was my first. They were great at Madison Square Garden but at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, they were on FIRE!!! Thank you Brian May and Roger Taylor and all of the camp: Rufus, Neil and Spike and of course Sharon who organized our VIP passes to hang out backstage before the show. And on top of all that, Adam Lambert was just amazing... He makes me want to be a better singer. Yet again, inspired. X

20 July 2014   Mike Clifford is getting married to the beautiful Klaudia. I am so overwhelmingly thrilled for them and to be a part of this amazing day. It's actually really sunny in Philadelphia!

18 July 2014   Where do I begin to describe the last couple of days in NYC? There are many reasons why I love living in this city, and here are just a few:

I’ve been loving jogging this incredible city! Central Park, Riverside Park…two of my favourite jogging tracks in the world! The weather has been outstanding: not TOO hot (I say that with caution, because it’s been borderline-heatwave for a couple of days) with LOTS of sunshine, despite some flash rain storm that hit us a couple of days ago.

I saw BULLETS OVER BROADWAY the other night and was totally floored by the production from its staging, choreography, breathtaking sets, beautiful dancing girls (!), the costumes, design, lights…I can go on! But I haven’t been so thrilled by a show in a long time, and BULLETS definitely did it for me. But above all, what shines the brightest are the amazing performances by the talented cast. Truly, not a weak link in the entire show (even the dog!), and I was so proud to see my friend Nick Cordero blaze the stage with his Tony nominated portrayal of ‘Cheech’. Bravo!!

And just when I had my fill of such a fantastic day, I heard that QUEEN were about to start their show at MSG, so I ran to the box office and got a Primo Section A seat and saw my favourite band in full flight, destroy NYC with every power chord and ear-splitting crash! Adam Lambert did not disappoint as their frontman, but to see Brian May and Roger Taylor being accompanied on stage by my WWRY alumni Rufus Taylor, Neil Fairclough and Spike Edney was just too much for me to handle!! So inspired and filled with admiration and pride! It’s been quite a couple of days...

10 July 2014   So I find myself back in the USA! I am spending the next few days with my Legarda/Farricielli family in the historic beachside town of Cape May, New Jersey. Just a chance to disengage and debrief myself from the ANNIE - NEW ZEALAND adventure that was. I am truly spoiled with all my experiences and I try to never take any of my blessings for granted. I hope you are enjoying yourselves, wherever you are, my fine ANNIE family. I miss you already…

MiG, back in the USA in Cape May, New Jersey

7 July 2014   So I've landed in San Francisco after a long flight from Auckland. Don't mean to gripe, but Air New Zealand has some making up to do. They were 2 hours late in departing from Auckland, the entertainment system was not working for the whole flight despite attempts to reboot the system, I've missed my connecting flight to New York, so now I have to catch another flight which gets me into JFK at after 1am... Ahhhh the glamour of trans-continental life!! I wish I was still in New Zealand... Xxxx

My life is a plane. I'm a MiG.

5 July 2014   Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I leave here tomorrow…I can’t believe that this journey is at its end. Today we perform the last 2 shows of ANNIE in New Zealand, and it has been such an incredible journey. The warmth and awesomeness of the Kiwis have been overwhelming to say the least. I have loved every little bit of my stay in Wellington and Auckland. It is sad for me to leave this beautiful country, even sadder to say goodbye to the amazing Kiwi kids who have played the ‘Orphans' and ‘Annies’. I will also miss our superstar ‘Sandy’, Ramble…I think my next dog will be a labradoodle!! But I will also miss EVERYONE from my new UK family. To all those with whom I started this journey with way back in London, I thank you for welcoming me to the fold and for being such a warm and caring company. A band of brothers and sisters have we become. Onwards to new adventures and new beginnings, loaded with an arsenal of beautiful memories that will keep me company forever. However, I will not miss my MOUSTACHE! Tonight after our final curtain, I will bid farewell to my hairy upper lip, and welcome a new dawn of smoothness. You have served me well, oh little mo, but it’s time to go…xxx

One of these things is not like the other…MiG and some of the Kiwi Kids at the "Orphans’ Picnic”

4 July 2014   What is it about New Zealand that makes us do crazy things? JD Collins and I are asking the same thing!! We made a pact at the beginning of the Auckland season that we would both jump off Auckland Tower. True to our word, we donned our lightning bolt/superhero onesies and with the help of SKYJUMP, we hurled ourselves off the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and landed safely on our target. Mission accomplished. Box ticked. Job well done!

John D. Collins and MiG make true their jump pact at SKYJUMP, at Auckland’s Sky Tower

2 July 2014   Today we got to be special visitors to the incredible Auckland Zoo! We got to feed the giraffes, and get special access to the wonderful exhibits that this awesome park has to offer. Many thanks to Elena, Dave and Jane at the zoo for being so kind. Despite the wet and cold weather, we had such an unforgettable day! Check out new pics at the Annie gallery!

MiG makes a new tall friend

June 2014

30 June 2014   Final week of shows. 8 more Roosters. 8 more ANNIES. We are in the home stretch of this tour. I am counting down sadly to the time when this magical tour will come to an end. Hope you can see it before we have our final curtain...

ANNIE lights up the Civic for its final week...

26 June 2014   So it’s business as usual back at the ANNIE camp, so I took this opportunity to go back and finish Episode 17 of last year’s WE WILL ROCK YOU Arena Tour, ( where we visited Croatia. WWRY is never far from my consciousness, especially since we are again working at the Civic Theatre in Auckland where we opened our Tour in 2007. And there is always something there to remind me…

The WWRY poster sitting proudly side-stage amongst the shows that have graced the Civic Theatre

25 June 2014   So I made it back to Auckland, New Zealand after flying for 30 hours from New York, via Los Angeles and Sydney, landing at 3:30pm. Arrived back at the hotel at 4:15pm. Was at warm up in the theatre at 5pm. It was a task I set out for myself and was very proud I did it! There was no way I was going to miss my cousin Denise’s wedding to Joe. It was the most magical weekend with family and friends. So what’s the best way to celebrate that? By jumping off the Auckland Bridge, Kiwi style!! 3…2…1…BUNGY! Who said Roosters can’t fly??!

MiG jumps off another bridge…into Auckland Harbour

23 June 2014   60 hours flight time for 48 hours with family for a celebration of love and life. All worth it!! Must admit, I'm pretty shagged, but am on my last leg of my epic waiting to board my flight to Auckland from Sydney. I land in Auckland this afternoon and will head almost straight to the theatre. I just need to heal this busted toe nail of mine. Too much info? Maybe, but it's ouch!

Life is an airplane. I am MiG.

19 June 2014   So I begin an EPIC journey to N.Y.C. 1st leg, AUCKLAND to BRISBANE. I'm taking Annie home to New York. And away we goooooooo...

Goodbye Auckland, let's go to NYC...via Brisbane!!

17 June 2014   I am so loving being in Auckland. This very hip, and groovy city has developed even leaps and bounds since I was last here in 2007. There is so much to explore, to see and do, I am trying to make the most of my stay here. However, I leave on Friday to head back to New York for just a few days for my cousins wedding. I will miss five shows from Friday through to Sunday, but the show will be in great hands of the very talented Michael Cortez who will play ‘Rooster’ while I am away. I will be back on Tuesday night. This was a pre-contractual agreement, as I could not possibly miss my cousin Denise’s wedding to the awesome Joe. Can’t believe that the whole family will all be in New York, while I am away in New Zealand! I am staying for only two nights but traveling for 4 days…! having said that, I can’t wait to see my family and all back in NY. It’s going to be a very happy joyous occasion. I was lucky to be allowed to watch and ‘shoot’ the dress rehearsal where they put Michael through his paces as ‘Rooster’ and I am very happy that I am now allowed to show you these shots here at Unfortunately, I am in NONE of the shots, but as you can see, this is a lavish production, and one that I am very proud of being involved in. Enjoy!

Some of the Auckland ‘Orphans’ get ready to watch the dress rehearsal at the majestic Civic Theatre, watched over by a golden lion…

14 June 2014   The ANNIE company were on fire last night at the opening of the show in Auckland. So much so, that they had to call the fire brigade and we had to evacuate the building! Apparently, a fire alarm was set off in the theatre just as we finished the show. We all had to rush out of the building, some of us barely dressed as we were getting ready for the opening night party!! The audience got more show than they bargained for and we really showed them how dramatic we can be! Thank you to the Auckland Fire Department for responding SO quickly. Lucky it was a false alarm. This show is definitely smoking HOT!!

The scene outside the Civic Theatre last night as the Fire Department responded to our smoking hot show!

14 June 2014   Another city, another opening night…PRESS NIGHT! Tonight marks the official opening of ANNIE here in Auckland. We are performing at the amazingly spectacular Civic Theatre, where seven years ago, we were opening WE WILL ROCK YOU. We are all very excited. The Kiwi kids are AMAZING! We are in great shape after two successful preview performances. Loving Auckland, loving New Zealand, loving my job. Can’t complain about that much, can I??!! Sweet as!!!

A ‘ROOSTER’ selfie

12 June 2014   Press call! Opening night! Final dress rehearsal! It's all happening today!!!! Another day, another opening. It's all very exciting!! Auckland, on with the show this is it !!!

Meet Clyde: our newest SANDY

11 June 2014   I have truly loved the beautiful days in Auckland after such terrible weather driving here! Love to jog around this gorgeous harbor city… #ilovemyjob #iloveauckland #ilovenz #annienz

11 June 2014   Tomorrow, at 1pm in front of the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, people are gathering for #flashmob and #timetoact to join the world in uniting to end sexual violence in conflict. In the light of the horrific atrocities that are coming to the surface in Sri Lanka, and as delegates meet in London for the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, we the ANNIE company stand together to say that the time to act is NOW, that war crimes like these should not go unpunished and the sexual violence against women and men must be put to an end immediately. We stand united with the world in condemning these horrific acts of human atrocities. #timetoact #flashmob

11 June 2014   So today we met the Auckland orphans, and they thrilled us with their incredible talent and enthusiasm! Our consolation of losing our little Wellies is that we have new Awesome Auckies!!! We are in such good shape, I thought we could have opened tonight! We are into the magnificent Civic Theatre tomorrow, but we enjoyed having yet again the city town hall at our disposal. So excited to be back in Auckland, and with such a great show with such an amazing cast. The Kiwi kids are just insanely talented. Words fail me as to how impressed we all are by everything we have seen here in New Zealand. Choice as, bro!!! xxx

The Auckland Orphans show us what they got at rehearsals at Auckland’s City Hall

10 June 2014   Road Trip!! Rachel Stanley, Joe Connors, Chris Kayson and I decided to drive from Wellington to Auckland, while the rest of the ANNIE company flew. What an adventure! We decided to take 2 days, stopping at Taupo along the way. Despite the terrible weather, we saw such incredible landscapes, over mountains, forests, over rivers and lakes, taking in the breathtaking New Zealand countryside. But we made it to beautiful Auckland, and I had a jog this morning around this city, seeing how much it has developed since I was last here seven years ago. I am so excited to explore this place. Life is definitely a journey, not a destination, but what a wonderful destination this is!!

Joe Connors, Rachel Stanley, Chris Kayson and MiG enjoy jet boating the Huka Falls Rapids near Lake Taupo. Thank you Rapids Jet!! Awesome!!! (

7 June 2014   So today, we are performing our last shows in Wellington. In fact, I’m writing this from my dressing room in the interval of the matinee. The audiences have been a delight here, and I will miss this beautiful city that I am still just starting to get to know in all its glory. But I will miss most those amazing little Wellies, who played the orphans here. They are getting quite emotional as they see this magical experience coming soon to an end. But for many, this will be just the beginning of many more wonderful theatrical experiences. Many stars were born on this St. James stage. I put it to the Auckland girls, that they have ‘big’ shoes to fill. But I look forward to the next chapter: AUCKLAND! How I love that city. I will miss you Wellington…I SHALL RETURN! xxx

Tania Rodger gives us ANNIE company the VIP treatment at the WETA WORKSHOP!!

6 June 2014   We had a wonderful day visiting Red Rocks Reserve, just a short drive out of Wellington, to see the colony of beautiful fur seals. There were so many of them just draped over the rocks, catching the last of the day’s sun. Our fantastic guide Garry just spoiled us with this incredible spot, south of Wellington. It was such a clear day, we could see the snow capped mountains of the South Island from there. I wish we could take one of the seals home!…maybe become a Sandy understudy, should Ramble feel a little off…?

MiG and seals (of the fur kind) at Red Rocks Reserve, Wellington, New Zealand

4 June 2014   To continue my photo essay on this New Zealand Tour of ANNIE, I’ve just added a heap of new photos to the gallery. I hope you enjoy them. New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise. I can’t stop shooting!! Off to see some seals today. Check out the pics tomorrow...

The fly-tower at the St. James Theatre. Looks like even the fly-men are getting into the ANNIE spirit!

3 June 2014   What an amazing weekend I had! My parents were here from Sydney, and we had such a wonderful time! They fell in love with Wellington as quickly as I did. Thank you to the wonderful Museum Hotel, The Library and Crumpet for spoiling them rotten and taking care of them. We even managed to fit in Yum Cha Dim Sum at Dragons on Sunday brunch…yummy! Then the fun just kept on rolling as we had a wonderful night at Hummingbird. I have to especially thank Hewitt and Jo Humphries, who invited the cast to their wonderful house overlooking Wellington Harbour, for a Queen’s Birthday party like no other! The hospitality and friendliness of the Kiwis is more than legendary, it’s fact! But, back to work for our final week here in Wellywood. It’s show time!

The 42nd Street Tram pulls out onto the stage for NYC…on with the show!

1 June 2014   Only one week left of the Wellington season of ANNIE! I can’t believe it is going so fast!! I am loving this beautiful city so much. I am struggling to find enough time to see and do all I can. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II. We will celebrate you in style today in New Zealand!

A ‘Rooster’ Selfie

May 2014

30 May 2014   After a magnificent twelve year run, WE WILL ROCK YOU is playing for the last time at the Dominion Theatre in London, tonight. Performing that show at that theatre has been one of the highlights of my career, if not my life. I congratulate all of you performing tonight and to all those Bohemians and Yuppies, onstage, behind the scenes, to those millions of fans around the world, who have ever been a part of this phenomenon, I wish you a final ‘bow, and curtain call’ and may the show go on, and on, and on, and on…YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS!!

The company of ANNIE salute you, WE WILL ROCK YOU! To those about to rock for the last time…xxx

28 May 2014   We are well into the swing of things now. I am loving my new ANNIE family. Everyone in the company is so warm and wonderful and talented, from the youngest to the oldest, (and that is a HUGE age band, of about 80 years!!!). You have to check out this amazing documentary about the ANNIE auditions. I get so nervous when I audition, I can only imagine what these young girls were experiencing. To see what they go through, even before we hit the rehearsal space is inspiring enough. Then to see them shine and blow everyone away on the actual stage just makes me speechless. We are witnessing stars being born… Check out the video here: I am also in love with our youngest star, the fuzzy-wuzzy angel that is Ramble, who plays ‘Sandy’. We are told to resist the urge to distract him, as when he is working he needs to focus on his tasks, but it is like torture to not be able to just hug the hell out of this incredibly cute and loving dog. He makes me melt. I want to EAT HIM!!!!! ….not literally.

Fiona with Ramble ‘SANDY’ backstage at the St. James Theatre, Wellington

26 May 2014   So we've finally opened the show in Wellington and it's been a great success. We're still ironing out a few bugs, but we have a great show and we are really in the swing of things! We get our days free now to do more exploring which is really exciting in this beautiful city of Wellington! Zoe and Amelia have both had their 'Annie' debuts, and the two groups of orphans have had their chance to shine. Just Ilena is left to have her moment of glory...every show seems to have its own special occasion.

MiG on stage as 'Rooster Hannigan'
Photo © Hagen Hopkins

23 May 2014   First performance last night was a huge success and great relief to get through, to standing ovations in the crowd. There is so much heart to this show, and everyone is just brilliant! Amelia Walshe was our Annie last night, and she was extraordinary. Her performance was flawless!! I can't say it enough, but I am totally floored at the level of talent in this show from the kids, to the adults, to the creative and production teams to Ramble, our 'Sandy'! Press night tonight. I hope they will feel the same...

One of these things is not like the other... Zoe Fifield, Amelia Walshe and Ilena Shadbolt pose with a Rooster

22 May 2014   Overture, dim the lights, this is it! The night of nights…. or something like that. We’ve arrived at opening night! First preview tonight for ANNIE - The Musical in New Zealand. It’s been quite a journey to get here, with so many pieces of the puzzle to connect. We had a wonderful time to get things going, and it looks like we’re in pretty good shape. I am so proud of our company of adults and kids and animals…(and I’m talking about Sandy, not the band)…And oh what heights we’ll hit…..ON WITH THE SHOW, THIS IS IT!!

The ANNIE company on stage at the St. James Theatre, Wellington at the Sitzprobe

21 May 2014   Tomorrow, tomorrow, We open tomorrow, It's only a day away...

Emily Trebicki (Lily St. Regis) & MiG (Rooster Hannigan) backstage at the St. James Theatre

20 May 2014   We are neck deep into tech rehearsals now and the crew are doing an amazing job reconstructing the set, setting the lights, tweaking the audio and we had the element of the orchestra coming to join us last night. It’s all shaping up very nicely, but long days and nights ahead yet!

The Orphans and Miss Hannigan rehearse on the set of ANNIE

19 May 2014   We had our first day off since arriving in Wellington. It has been a pretty hectic rehearsal schedule, so we were really looking forward to some well deserved R&R. We were so fortunate to be given a tour of the Weta Workshops (Peter Jackson’s legendary film production complex) organized by Maria and Ilena Shadbolt (one of our talented Kiwi ‘Annie’s). I was so breathless with excitement as this is the one place in Wellington I truly wanted to see, especially after being greeted so graciously by Gollum at the airport. I was so ready to take a billion shots, but the place is shrouded with secrecy, so was unable to take too many pics inside. However the insight into what goes on at Weta was truly amazing! A must see in Wellington. But today is our first day of technical rehearsals. This is our home stretch towards opening night...

MiG, Scott Royle, Ilena Shadbolt, Helen Rymer, Chris Krayson, Emily Trebicki, Alex McMillan, Joe Connors and a couple of trolls outside the Weta Cave

17 May 2014   Yesterday was a very exciting day at ANNIE NZ.., we got to meet ‘Sandy’!!! And wow, he is the most adorable dog…real name is ‘Ramble’, but nothing vicious about him at all. We are to be very respectful and kill the urge to just hug and touch him, as he needs to focus on the amazing acting job he does on stage, but I want to steal him and bring him home!!! And we finally had our first day at the majestic St. James Theatre. This historic building is the perfect canvas on which we will paint our story. And then on top of all that we got to run Act 1 twice, without too many hitches, the excitement for the show just keeps on building! The Kiwi kids just keep getting better and better, as we get closer and closer to opening night…

The majestic St. James Theatre gets invaded by ANNIE

14 May 2014   We are in full swing again with rehearsals. Long days, cold and windy outside, dark when we finish work, but we are filled with excitement of how the show is turning out. The Kiwi children are just delivering charisma and talent in buckets, and we are trying to keep up with their amazing energy and enthusiasm! But one day we will have a day off to truly explore this amazing country. Much work to be done until then! MUCH!!!

David McAlister (‘Oliver Warbucks’) hard at work at rehearsals

13 May 2014   Today, it all came together. Today I understood what ANNIE was all about. Today we met the Kiwi kids, the ‘Orphans’. And then it all made sense. Not only were the 3 ‘Annies’ brilliant, but every single girl that was cast for this show were outstanding. Beyond expectations, the girls from New Zealand have blown us away. The brilliant choreography of Helen Rymer was finally brought to life and there was not a dry eye in the rehearsal space as the girls showed us what they had been working on for the past two months. We have found not just one future star, but a whole chorus of future stars are born. The future of ‘girl-power’ in New Zealand is secure as these amazing performers hit the stage. Look out New Zealand! You will be blown away, by this production…and it’s the local content that will be the piece that is the dynamite! I am truly overwhelmed…

The Wellington Town Hall…ANNIE rehearsal HQ as the new and old generations collide!

12 May 2014   Had the most wonderful day exploring this gorgeous city of Wellington. From an early morning jog, to a late afternoon lazy lunch at the awesome Beach Babylon, it was smiles and awwww all day long!! I have started a gallery of shots I took during my time with ANNIE from my time in London, to my New Zealand trip. I will continue to add to this gallery, so I hope you can enjoy them and stay tuned with our adventures here. We get to meet the Kiwi kids tomorrow for the first time, the real stars of the show. I wonder when I get to meet Sandy the dog? So much to love about Wellington, but they are right…IT’S REALLY, REALLY WINDY!!

Some of the cast of ANNIE visit the ‘Office’…

11 May 2014   Kia Ora New Zealand! I’ve made it to Wellington!! I’m pretty used to long haul flights, but this was a LONG HAUL FLIGHT! But again QANTAS did not fail to impress. Our exhausted weary travelers were all in unison about how long it took us to get here. But our journey actually started 3 weeks ago when we first started rehearsals in Warren Street, London. Am just about to go for a jog to explore this beautiful city. Every day is a journey of discovery. Choice as, eh cuzzie?!!

You know you’re in Wellington when…MiG & a giant Gollum at Wellington Airport. We are in Peter Jackson territory for sure!!

10 May 2014   I'm home!!! ...kinda... Transit in Melbourne as it's Mother's Day in Australia. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, YOU AUSSIE MUMS!!! Another short trip to make to Wellington. Almost there, on the home stretch. GOOD ONYA MUM!! Xx

Cannot complain about the awesome QANTAS flight on the A380

10 May 2014   Just landed in Dubai, en route to Wellington. QANTAS and the A380 crew have been wonderful. Another airport, another duty free shop...

Landing in Dubai

9 May 2014   My last day in London. It’s been an amazing trip! From the workshop of Queen’s THE SHOW MUST GO ON, to rehearsals for ANNIE, to just seeing friends and hanging around this amazing city, my home away from home, my former home. My last night was one of the highlights of the whole trip, watching MISS SAIGON at the Prince Edward Theatre. The production was amazing and fresh and then cast were giving it 150%. The performances blew me away! Considering we saw the alternate ‘Kim’, Tanya Manalang only on her 2nd show, she was extraordinary! Incredible performances from the beautiful Rachelle Ann Go as ‘Gigi’ and Alistair Brammer as ‘Chris’, Tamsin Carroll as ‘Ellen’, Kwang-Ho Hong as ‘Thuy’…in fact the whole cast deserves a mention! It would be wrong of me to exclude anyone last night. It was only their 1st week of previews, yet it was pretty perfect from my seat (despite a really tall guy sitting right in front of me!). But I have to single out Jon Jon Briones as ‘The Engineer’. His performance was what legends are made from. Bravo to all! So anyway, enough gushing. Off to Wellington, New Zealand today via Dubai and Melbourne. It’s going to be an epic 24 hour flight, but just the beginning of a massive adventure. Goodbye London…and away we goooooooooo….!!!

Wellington, here we come!!!

8 May 2014   So we are done in London. Nothing left to do but pack and say our goodbyes, ready and eager to say "kia ora!” to our new friends in New Zealand as we fly out tomorrow! It’s been an adventure so far, but it is only just beginning. There is much last minute London things to do…

The UK contingent of the ANNIE company, on our last day of rehearsals in London

7 May 2014   It's our last day of rehearsals here in London. We are doing all we can to prepare ourselves for a very busy technical period in New Zealand. The better we know what WE need to do, the easier it will be when we add the magnificent chaos of kids, dogs, sets, costumes, props, lights, orchestra and microphones...yikes! This is a massive jigsaw puzzle and the biggest pieces are yet to be placed!

Alex McMillan, MiG and Emily Trebicki on the last day of ANNIE rehearsals in London

6 May 2014   Had an amazing weekend off. Three days of exploring this incredible city of London, with great friends and probably too much champagne (is that even possible?). Back at the office today refreshed and heading down the home stretch of ANNIE UK rehearsals...

Alfie and MiG under the shadow of the majestic Tower Bridge

5 May 2014   Yesterday, May 4, was World STAR WARS day. And my cousin Billy was just killing it with his array of costumes. So proud of the Geekiness that runs in our family!! May the 4th be with you….always.

Billy and the gang enjoy a coolant in Manila…

4 May 2014   Ok. 1930 step there. Now to grow a moustache, and get depressed!

4 May 2014   May the 4th, be with you. Happy STAR WARS day...

3 May 2014   It's haircut time. Time to get fully immersed into the 1930s... Which means getting quite a makeover. Check out next time to see how it turned out...

MiG at ANDREW BROWN hairdressers, with Alfie photobombing...

2 May 2014   All the pieces seem to be coming together at ANNIE HQ. The numbers are looking sleeker, the songs are sounding stronger, we are in good shape on our side of the world. We just have to add an army of orphan girls, a mangey dog, costumes, lights, sound, an entire set of 1930's New York City, and I think we might have a show...

The adults in full swing at ANNIE rehearsals

April 2014

30 April 2014   Train strikes, lost wallets and grey skies could not dampen the mood in the rehearsal room. All systems go for ANNIE, now in its second week of rehearsals. Things are coming into place, and we're really starting to feel a synergy within the company.

Sue Hodge (aka 'Mimi Labonq' in ALLO' ALLO'!) and MiG at rehearsals

27 April 2014   I was very privileged last night to be asked to join the line up at the INCOGNITO ARTISTS concert at St. James Theatre last night. Geoff Sewell, Tim Rogers and their team of talented performers delighted a capacity crowd which included New Zealand Consul-General and pop legend Kiki Dee. One of the true highlights of the night was when Geoff's daughter Sienna, once diagnosed with autism, joined her Dad and little sister Olivia to sing HEAL ME. There was not a dry eye in the house. What Simone and Geoff Sewell achieved with Sienna is nothing short of incredible. They are such an inspiration to us all...

Geoff and Simone Sewell and MiG

26 April 2014   April is Autism Awareness Month, and this holds special interest for me as I have two nephews who are struck with autism. Both are doing extremely well, despite their initial diagnosis. It proves that autism is a challenge, but not a barrier to living rich and fulfilled lives. A champion of the cause is my good friend Geoff Sewell, a star in New Zealand and founder of Incognito Artists. He has organized a concert tonight at the St. James Theatre in London, and as a last minute addition, it looks like I might be part of the line up. I cannot be more honored than to sing with my friends and support him and his wife Simone, as they prove to the world that their little Sienna is a prime example of what can be achieved with care and love. The concert is tonight, Saturday, which will also be filmed by TVNZ, and there are a few tickets left. Here is the link for tickets if you can make it:

Geoff Sewell leads the Incognito Artists

24 April 2014   Another great day at ANNIE. Am marveling at the work of our director Alan Cohen. He has a vision that extends far beyond where I feel this show has gone before and brings a gravity to the scenes which in turn uplifts the comedy and the charm of this piece. But I was moved today by the plight of a true legend, Stephen Sutton, who at the age of 19 is facing his impending mortality through terminal cancer . However he continues to keep positive and raise money for cancer charities by trying to complete his bucket list... Please visit and donate to his plight at

MiG, Ben Elton & Hannah Jane Fox after THE SHOW MUST GO ON performance

23 April 2014   Another day at ANNIE rehearsals in London done. We have started staging the numbers and blocking the scenes...but have to leave spaces for our Kiwi stars until we get to NZ. All happy campers so far. So much to learn in so little time. I love a challenge!!

Brother & Sister Act: Su Pollard (Miss Hannigan) with MiG (Rooster)

22 April 2014   Rehearsals started in earnest today with a read through (without our Kiwi orphans!) and a meet and greet (without our Kiwi orphans!). This cast is amazing and I feel so lucky to be amongst them. Zany, eccentric and brilliant! Can't wait to add our Kiwi orphans into the mix...and Sandy the dog !

22 April 2014   So today I begin a new adventure, that starts in London with rehearsals for ANNIE! I am excited to be playing ‘Rooster’, as I would make an awful ‘Annie’. Am busting with anticipation to meet my new cast, my new family. I’ll keep you posted with as much info as I can…Stay tuned!

 MiG with Steven Berkoff at THE SHOW MUST GO ON workshop in London

15 April 2014   I am still buzzing about what I experienced the last couple of weeks. I can say now that it was a workshop for a new QUEEN musical, written by Ben Elton, called THE SHOW MUST GO ON. It is the sequel to WE WILL ROCK YOU, and although I cannot say any more about it, I can say that it is a BRILLIANT show, that surprised everyone who came to see our presentation. I had the honour to work with legends such as Brian May and Ben Elton in such a creative and explosive exploration into making this new work leap off the page and onto the stage. I was so thrilled to be working again with the incredibly talented Hannah Jane Fox, and the awesome Rachel John and Brenda Edwards, as well as a company of brilliant young performers, some of whom I had worked with before, and new ones that I had just met. Under the baton of the genius of Stuart Morley, and with a kick -arse band, and with fresh choreography from the dynamite Giorgia Barberi, it was just joy from day one. I am hoping this show will see the light of day. It so deserves a chance to be seen, and heard and loved. Roger Taylor, Jennifer Saunders, Emma Thompson, Steven Berkoff and Arlene Phillips all agree with me.

 MiG and Dr. Brian May. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

12 April 2014   Ok, so I may not be able to say what I’m working on yet, but I could maybe show you who I’ve been working with for the past couple of weeks. Let’s just say I am in heaven working with such incredible and distinguished talent. I think for just 2 weeks work, we’ve achieved more than we even thought possible. This little workshop show in London might just have grown out of this little workshop…

6 April 2014   As I am working on a secret project here in London, let me divert you to another exciting project I was working on in New York City before I left. Lucie Jones and I feature quite heavily on the new upcoming video for Mike Clifford’s song ‘Ballerina’ off his album STAY IN MOTION. It’s such a beautiful song and Lucie and I were so thrilled to be a part of it. Shot in and around Brooklyn, New York, it is directed by John Pope and Leo Marino. Mike Clifford is one of my dearest friends, and one of my favorite artists. It was such an honour to be involved in it. Look out for it soon. Check him out at

 Mike Clifford, with Lucie Jones and MiG on the set of ‘Ballerina’

1 April 2014   You have to check out the new Lucie Jones video…but my apologies for Scott Alan for spelling his name wrong on the video! Lucie and Scott are sublime…my spelling skills were sloppy. But the video is GREAT! Watch it here:

 A still from Lucie Jones’ video of Scott Alan’s ‘AND THERE IT IS’

March 2014

30 March 2014   So I'm off again! Just when I thought I'd stay put for a while...Nope! London for a little secret project first (wish I could tell you. I'm busting to say!!!) then start rehearsing for ANNIE. It's going to be a long trip. It's going to be an awesome trip....

 This picture is not upside down. It's how I'm going to look in New Zealand

11 March 2014   I am saddened to hear that WE WILL ROCK YOU will rock the Dominion Theatre in London for the last time on 31 May, 2014. The show has broken box-office records and has won theatre-goer awards all over the place. The popularity of the show had it blasting the West End for 12 years with over 4,600 shows. It is the end of an era, but I’m sure it won’t be the end of the show. It’s still playing in so many places around the world including the US Tour. I feel so privileged to have been part of the history of the show. It has been a wonderful part of my life, and playing ‘Galileo’ at the Dominion has been a highlight of my career. Congratulations to all the current company, and to all those who played a part in making the show such an incredible phenomenon. But for now, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

February 2014

24 February 2014   A wintery jog this morning through Central Park this morning makes me appreciate how beautiful life can be sometimes. Even finding my bike wheel stolen after hanging out with good friends last night at ROCK OF AGES could not dampen my spirits. A busy day awaits…x

23 February 2014   Today I am saddened to hear of the passing of a long time fan and friend, Wanda Ward, who lost her battle against cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. May she be at peace and filled with joy in the Hereafter. You will always be loved, deeply missed and never forgotten…xxx

22 February 2014   I am so jet lagged, I get tired during the day, and then awake at night…My body clock has totally decided to screw me up, in revenge for the times I’ve screwed it up! But all is good, as the extra hours awake, I’ve put to good use. My new apt is looking more and more like home, and I’ve FINALLY unpacked and put away my suitcases…for now. Happy memories of Australia and spending time with family and friends…Here are four Ayesa boys rocking out in Perth! So blessed to spend time with my dudes!!

21 February 2014   So I’m SOOO back in New York, busy with unpacking, editing PHIL IT UP, and also making a home for myself. Even managed a jog this morning…but the terrain is somehow a little different to where I was jogging a couple of weeks ago…!!!

 MiG in Central Park, New York City

 MiG at Lady Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney

18 February 2014   I'm almost over this 31 hour journey. I'm in transit in LAX, about to board the flight to NEW YORK. I have to say how impressed I am with QANTAS...despite traveling economy, the staff and all the facilities and food and service has been superb! Top marks for the flying kangaroo!!

17 February 2014  As I sit in transit at Sydney Airport, awaiting my next outward bound leg of my 31 hour journey back to NY, I finally have the chance to reflect on the amazing past few weeks. I have fallen so deeply and totally back in love with Australia. Everything, every experience I've had from the Sydney Opera House, to the Mandurah PAC, with every beach in between has been nothing short of breathtaking. THE MUSIC OF QUEEN SYMPHONIC tour of Oz was a huge success and I only hope it means that we will come back and visit more of this incredible country. I will miss my family and friends and the technicolour sunshine, and it makes me wonder why I ever left this place, but also makes me definitely aware that I still call Australia home.

13 February 2014  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! So we just did this little gig at Joondalup Resort last night to about 9,000 people under a beautiful moonlit night, for their Valentine’s Conceert. The Perth Symphony were spectacular and really got into the spirit of things!! I could not resist to take the opportunity to take the ULTIMATE SELFIE…with 9,000 photo-bombers!!:

What a brilliant night! The City of Joondalup put on such a spectacle, and treated us like royalty! They put these FREE concerts on every year…what a gift to the people of Joondalup, and the people of Joondalup were such a gift to US! Tonight we play the Perth Convention Centre. BRING IT ON PERTH!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON….xxxx

7 February 2014  Performed at the Sydney Opera House…? TICK!! And what a tick to have! My debut at the iconic Concert Hall, to a PACKED audience, playing the music of QUEEN with the SYDNEY SYMPHONY, standing ovations…I don’t think it could get better than that! But it WILL!! Two more shows today, completely sold out!! My family will be there, from Sydney, Hobart, Blue Mountains…STRATHFIELD! It is a hard task for my voice, and I demand a lot from it, but if there is a day I need to pray to the voice gods, today is it. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

 MiG on stage at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

5 February 2014  THROWBACK THURSDAY Here’s a taste of things to come this weekend at the Sydney Opera House… 'Fat Bottomed Girls’ at Arundel Castle in 2008. 

This gig never gets old! I cannot wait to rock the Bennelong with the Sydney Symphony!! We are rehearsing with the orchestra for the first time today. It’s all a bit of a dream really! Living the dream...

4 February 2014  I am loving being back in Sydney rehearsing at the Opera House...pinch me, I must be dreaming! And reunited with old friends, and it feels so good...

January 2014

26 January 2014  "I've been to cities that never close down, From New York, to Rio, to old London town, But no matter how far, Or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home..." - Peter Allen   Happy Australia Day maaaaaates!! See you Down Under bloody soon!! Xxx

The view from my window today, in New York City

23 January 2014  Ok, I hope you can stay with me for this entry as it’s going to be a doozy. This one will span a couple of weeks as I have been all over the Philippines yet again…and should be in New York right now if it wasn’t for the fact that all flights to NYC have been cancelled due to the Arctic Vortex that has again hit the city, so I am still in Manila for a few more nights. This year of 2014 has already been an incredible one with all the traveling I have done. 

First of all I flew to Bohol. A place that was devastated by earthquakes and then ravaged by typhoons. It was a jewel in the crown for the Philippines, but now it is in much need of love and attention to help rebuild itself to its formal glory. There is still so much to see and do there, and I hope we can bring much needed focus to its journey to redemption. Spending the last hours of 2013 on a raft off the coast of Bohol was absolutely breathtaking. Many thanks to all at the magnificent ANANYANA Resort for their wonderful hospitality!

Weather delayed us from getting to our next destination which was Cagayan De Oro, so we went straight to the beautiful island of Camiguin. This place was awesome in so many ways, and even the little islands around the main one was so worth exploring. From the White Island (literally a white sand bank sticking out of a very blue ocean!) to the idyllic paradise of Montigue Island, there was never a dull moment. From gasping at the utter beauty and serenity to scuba diving with giant sea turtles, and jamming with the governor of the island, I will never forget my time there.

Then we went to Cagayan De Oro, where I do believe I had the most unexpected yet uplifting musical inspiration of the trip so far, hanging out  with a band consisting of 6 tribes, I brought my rock influence to their party, yet found myself totally enthralled and immersed in what they were playing. Their voices haunted me, their rhythms moved me and their spirituality captivated me. I wanted to become the 7th tribe, but ended up just being a fan!

And then we find ourselves in the legendary Boracay Island! There is so much expectation about this place, it being heralded around the world as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth…and it did not disappoint! From the powdery white sand and bright blue crystal clear waters, an endless array of restaurants and nightlife as well as pristine havens, Boracay earns its reputation every single visit! I have visited this place before, but it never gets old! I manned up on the first day there and found myself jumping off 60 foot cliffs at Ariel’s Point, sailing across the Pacific at sunset, and even jamming on the beach with new found friends from Poland to Moscow to San Francisco. It’s such a feel-good vibe as soon as you land. No wonder some people decide to NEVER leave! I also was so blessed to have my brother and his two sons their too! Much family time!!

And then we went to Cebu…to Oslob. Just when I thought I had seen it all, done it all, I get to do this:

Yes, that’s me, MiG swimming with giant whale sharks! So much for my chronic fear of sharks. This totally blew my mind!! Such gentle, peaceful giants that made me jump when I saw their size but they were so playful, my fear turned into pure joy and awe. Oslob is one of the few places in the world that you can interact so freely with these amazing creatures. Words fail me…It was life-changing.

So as I’m waiting for the snow to stop and JFK to re-open, I recover from my adventures with PHIL IT UP. My filming here is over. It’s time to piece together this incredible adventure and present the world what we have witnessed. I’m sure you will agree with me how spectacular the Philippines is. It is where I was born, where I started, where I come from and the more I discovered my homeland, the more I discovered me.

December 2013

28 December 2013  I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas season! I am waiting at Heathrow to board my PAL flight back to Manila for more PHIL IT UP madness!! So much to do, but I so loved spending my time in London, and Pentyrch, Wales. But hi ho... Off to work I go! 16 hour straight flight back to Paradise. Not a bad way to commute!

On a foggy joggy morning on top of The Garth in Pentyrch, Wales

21 December 2013  As I am here in London, the theatre community here is still reeling over the incident at the Apollo Theatre, where the roof caved in, bringing down the balcony. My thoughts go out to the injured, wishing them a complete and speedy recovery.  In the meantime, I have posted more behind-the-scenes pics in the PHIL IT UP gallery, so you can see what I’ve been up to recently. I am scheduled to return to the Philippines for more filming after Christmas. It’s getting pretty close to the big day, and I hope you are all getting into the spirit. I am sorry to those in the UK that would have liked to have caught up with me, but as I am editing PHIL IT UP at every opportunity, I am so totally fighting the clock with a deadline. I hope you can understand and that I can catch up with you next time! I just hope you do not forget those less fortunate than yourselves, and remember that the Philippine Red Cross still need urgent funds to continue to take care of the devastated families affected by Typhoon Yolanda. All those who need your help, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers… xxx

10 December 2013  We shot the opening sequence for PHIL IT UP at RSVP studios in Parañaque, Manila, and I was really quite excited to see this show becoming more and more a reality! It truly feels like we are getting things together for the show. Everything we do gets more and more exciting. But we are taking a break from the shooting schedule for a few weeks, from now until after Christmas. So I boarded a Philippine Airlines 16 hour direct flight to London, and l landed just in time to get myself into town to watch Lucie Jones in the new musical, AMERICAN PSYCHO. What an amazing show! A brilliant production of a genius new work, with an awesome cast. I would be very surprised if this show does not get a full and successful run on the West End, and should even transfer to Broadway. I loved it. SO proud of my Lucie Jones!! I will miss all my new friends in the Philippines, but I am thrilled to be here in London for Christmas. So much more to do for PHIL IT UP, but for now I'm going to take a much needed break...

MiG shooting for PHIL IT UP
A PAL Big Bird


7 December 2013  Last night we celebrated my cousin Billy's birthday at my ancestral home in Manila, which is now known as the very popular restaurant/museum called LA COCINA DE TITA MONING. The theme was the 30's, and all came to the party LITERALLY! Awesome food, awesome venue, awesome crowd, awesome party!! Al Capone would have fit right in, beside Bonnie & Clyde and all the other gangsters...


5 December 2013  Today we pay respects to a true legend, an international hero, a symbol of triumph of the human spirit and an ambassador of peace and freedom. We say goodbye to Nelson Mandela. He will never be forgotten and always revered. May he rest in peace.

MiG and friend @ San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Old Manila

3 December 2013  I'm here at the rehearsals for a charity event at Resorts World, Manila called 'KAMI NAMAN ANG TAYA' (translates to "it's our turn"), to raise money for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. I'll be singing with some top class Filipino talent, including the newest Filipino star, the winner of THE VOICE of the Philippines MITOY. It promises to be a very emotional yet beautiful night. I hope we can raise a lot of money. But the real stars of the show will be the 100 survivors who will be on stage with us throughout the concert. Most of them have lost everything. It's time to rebuild. It's our turn.

MiG with Mitoy, THE VOICE of the PhilippinesMiG with Mitoy, THE VOICE of the Philippines

2 December 2013  Just came back from a weekend on Mindoro Island. Oriental Mindoro, to be precise. It was an adventure which I will never forget, and almost didn’t survive. As we sailed into Puerto Galera, I marveled at he beauty of this majestic island of such diversity. From the pristine beaches to the rugged mountain ranges, the beauty and simplicity of life here is overwhelming. I witnessed a cock-fight which is something I do not wish to witness again, in the same way seeing a bull-fight in Spain would have me going once, but only once. It’s an age-old Filipino tradition, and not for me to judge, but to accept. Yet immersing myself in the culture of the place, I felt compelled to try everything on offer. Which brought us to the Arigoy River to try white water kayaking. Now, I have been white water rafting in Taupo, New Zealand before, and canoed over a 10 metre waterfall, so looking at this river, I thought it would be a snap. Yet when it comes to the forces of nature, one must never underestimate our mortal limitations. In a group of 5 kayaks, 4 of us hit a point where we were thrown out of our boats. However, for some reason, I was carried away further than most, hit some big rocks on the way and dragged under and further than anybody else. I found myself, missing the safety ropes thrown at me, and continued to be carried away and under by the torrent. There was actually a point where I thought to myself, that this could be it. This could be my last moment, and this is how I end my journey, after being thrashed against rock after rock and dragged under again and again. It was not until the river calmed down, that I could actually swim to shore. Exhausted, bruised, cut and slightly in a bit of shock, I suddenly found myself surrounded by my minders and rescuers, who had frantically run over jagged rocks and cliffs to come to my aid. I was unlucky yet very lucky to tell the tale, and a little embarrassed about how much of a commotion I made. When we got to home base, there were ambulances, rescue trucks, police and even the Mayor Marvic Feraren had come to make sure that I was OK. I even received a call from a distressed Governor Alfonso Umali. It was an adventure, and a triumph and a reminder of how fragile we all are. As we remember Paul Walker today, (one of my favourite actors, may he rest...) we must never take our life for granted. I am lucky to be here to tell the story. Live each day as though it was the last. My time is definitely not up yet!!

MiG with the Mayor of San Teodoro, Marvic Feraren and the Oriental Mindoro Police, Ambulance and Rescue Squad

November 2013

28 November 2013  So as Thanksgiving comes and goes, there is so much to be thankful for. Even here in the Philippines, after all the heartache with Typhoon Yolanda, people here are still counting their blessings. It reminds me never to stop appreciating what we have. I have been very blessed in so many ways and I thank you all for your support and love. You PHIL me up with love...x

25 November 2013  So we're back on location in Tagaytay, after an exhaustive post-production process. Just rode my first Jeepney ride to oblivion, and jammed with some of the local kids at the Mahogany Markets. Needing a strong Kapeng Barako coffee right now... #philitup #itsmorefuninthephilippines

21 November 2013  We are having some time off shooting while we put together the pilot for the show. I have spent days now in front of the computer, rendering the massive video and audio files and turning them into a cohesive narrative. There is so much footage to sift through, I feel like I am never going to get out of this room alive! But I am loving the whole post-production process and am like a pig-in-poo in the studio. After having a close-encounter with a python, and staring down the eye of a tiger, anything just seems a little strange after my incredible Filipino adventures. The cool thing is, we have still so much to do! This beast is growing day by day…it has become bigger than anyone of us expected.

MiG off the coast of Anilao, Batangas, about to do some Filipino Scuba Diving

18 November 2013  I had to perform a HARANA today in exchange for some souvenirs. I can't get enough of Vigan City. One of my favourite stops on the PHIL IT UP journey so far. Kind of fun using my new keytar too... A perfect mobile no fuss solution for a piano man. We have a long drive ahead now back to Manila. Life is a journey, not a destination. Every road trip, every kalesa ride, every boat cruise... an adventure! #philitup #locoinilocos

17 November 2013  The city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur is so an old Spanish town that time forgot and has preserved its awesomeness. Just about to cruise the Mestizo River. A real Jungle Cruise. Disneyland got nothing on this!! #philitup #itsmorefuninthephilippines

MiG on the Mestizo River

Calle Crisologo in Vigan City

16 November 2013  The St. Agustin Church of Paoay, was such an incredible sight. A true Filipino icon. Had a full but awesome day in Ilocos Norte, today we tackle Ilocos Sur. So much to see, so little time!! #ilovemyjob

MiG selfie at the Church of Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

15 November 2013 After an amazing day in Anilau, we took an EARLY flight to Laoag, gateway to Ilocos Norte, in northern Luzon Island, Philippines. It's a perfect day, with so much on the agenda today to cover. Getting a chance to visit parts of the country I never even knew existed. This gig gets better and better!!!! #philitup

15 November 2013  Diving in Anilau, Batangas was sublime today! Probably the best dive in my life!! The visibility was endless in the warm, clear blue waters, with such an intense bio-diversity of sea wildlife and coral. My dive master John Dizon and dive buddies Miles Roces and Penny Punla made sure I made the most of my experience, all the way down to 80 feet deep. I have sunburnt knees, but apart from that am leaving Batangas full of beautiful memories. I am still swimming in the after-glow...

13 November 2013  It's Throwback Thursday time! Here's a video from my record launch in New York City in 2011. This is I NEED YOU HERE... 

12 November 2013  Today I am starting the editing process for PHIL IT UP. Starting to put together all the shots from all the locations is going to be challenging but what we have filmed so far has me SO excited about this project. Yesterday we shot in BATANGAS and I immersed myself totally in the coffee culture of that province...LITERALLY! You'll see what I mean when you see the show. All is going well and we are progressing well. We may have to extend the shoot as there is just so much to see and do here in the Philippines. The people here are so full of love and warmth. I am so proud to be a Filipino...x

MiG at THE FARM, in San Benito, Batangas, Philippines

10 November 2013  As the clean up begins after Typhoon Yolanda, the true tragedy is beginning to unfold. They estimate over 10,000 casualties, with the entire island of Leyte in ruins. Not one building survived the 300km+ winds, with hundreds of thousands of people becoming homeless, losing everything, let alone loved ones. This is a disaster of biblical proportions, and the Philippines has been hit hard. Really hard. But it won't break them. They survived centuries of occupation and persecution, and savage storms and earthquakes. The Filipino spirit will triumph I'm sure, and they will move on, but for now, they bleed. Charities have been set up and may I please point out these in particular: 

Show you care about the Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims by donating to the Calamity Assistance and Relief Endeavors program (CARE) of Feed The Hungry Philippines

You can also donate to UNICEF at

Thank you for the love and concern and all the well-wishes. We are totally untouched by the storm here in Manila. It's business as usual here as we head off to the province of RIZAL to continue filming for PHIL IT UP. 

As it's Remembrance Day all over the world, let's not forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. But also please do not forget the Philippines...

8 November 2013  As Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan ravages the Philippines, we can only hope and pray that it passes quickly and that no more casualties will arise. Only when the storm passes will we know the full extent of the damage, but it is a big storm on every level. I fear there will be many casualties and those who had little to begin with, would have lost everything. There will be much to repair and rebuild and I hope when we are called, that we will rise to the challenge of helping the victims heal from the carnage. My thoughts and prayers go to all those in the thick of the storm. In Manila, we are safe and can only hang on until rescue efforts can begin. Please keep the Philippines in your thoughts. The resilience of the Filipino is being stretched to breaking point, but they will overcome. But they need our help…

MiG with students from the TESDA Women’s Center

7 November 2013  They are expecting the strongest storm of the year to make landfall in the south of the Philippines in the next day or so. We are taking this all very seriously. Our plans to travel to Mindoro Island this weekend have been moved to a later date. We are just staying put in Manila, which should be relatively safe. Just don’t want to be either in the air or on the sea when Typhoon Haiyan hits. Mother Nature can be brutal and unjust and I just pray that the storm will pass without any casualties or serious damage. All care is being taken, as you can never assume that the predictions are exaggerated. Better safe than sorry is always the way to be when dealing with tropical typhoons. So to all our Filipino friends, please be safe!! The first day of filming yesterday for PHIL IT UP was a great success and we caused a stir wherever we went. Sophie does stand out a little among the Filipino crowd and the buzz she created at the Divisoria yesterday was amazing! Everyone we bump into for this project is so excited about what we are doing here and I am so proud that we are showcasing the great and often overlooked awesomeness of this beautiful country. Let’s hope Mother Nature feels the same way we do about the Philippines and just will calm down…May I also take this opportunity to direct you to Dennis Sy and my appeal to help the 'WeServe Medical and Evangelistic Team’ to help the victims of the Bohol earthquake. Looks like they will need all the help they can get as Typhoon Haiyan makes it a double whammy:

Sophie Sumner and MiG ride a ‘Calesa’ through the streets of Luneta, Manila

6 November 2013  Start spreadin' the news...we start filming today! All is set, the pieces are in place, we're up early and we're ready to roll!! It's time to PHIL IT UP!!!!!

David Weinholdt, Sophie Sumner & MiG #hamitup #philitup !!!

4 November 2013  As I am getting ready to shoot PHIL IT UP around the Philippines, I just wanted to share with you another live video from my record launch at the HIGHLINE Ballroom. Here is BLOWN AWAY...x

3 November 2013  So, 1 hour flight from New York to Toronto; 6 hours in transit; then 4 hour flight to Vancouver; 2 hour transit; then a 13 hour flight to Manila; 2 hours to go through customs, immigration and collect luggage...all worth it! I'm here in Manila. It's been a great journey, but I'm going to bed! Xxx

30,000 ft above the Philippines this morning at dawn

1 November 2013  HERE I GO AGAIN… I seem to sing that song a lot, and just when I think I’m settled and staying put for a while…HERE I GO AGAIN! Today I fly to the Philippines again to start work on the upcoming TV show PHIL IT UP. I cannot wait to see the incredible wonders the country has to offer, and I cannot wait to showcase the beauty of the Philippine Islands to the world! I will miss New York for all it’s awesomeness, but I have to say, today’s cloudy windy weather has me only dreaming of the white sandy beaches of the Boracay. Stay tuned…xxx

October 2013

28 October 2013  Sorry for the glitch in the Matrix that sent you mailing-listers a quadrillion emails! We’ve fixed the problem. But in the same breath, can I say a big congrats to all those involved with the NIGHTMARES gig at the Cutting Room on Saturday night. We had an awesome turnout and we put on a show that literally came out of nowhere. Many thanks to those who came and supported us and for all the well-wishes. It was a blast and a great way to see the Halloween season in…but I had 2 costumes in a row…don’t know what I have left in the bag to pull out for the actual Halloween…Might come as scary rock/broadway guy. Can I also direct your attention to a collaboration with Dennis Sy to raise money for the victims of the Bohol earthquake in the Philippines. If you purchase my song UNITED AS ONE or Dennis’ song SAMA SAMA HARAPIN NATING ANG BUKAS, the proceeds will go directly to those in need. Thank you for your love and generosity (and understanding about that glitch!) x

26 October 2013  We gave them SHELL(!) last night at Googie’s Lounge. Mike Clifford, Kevin Haden and I joined THE DISTRICT to become rockers in a half-shell. A lot of effort, but hey, it’s not easy being green. All focus now to tonight at The Cutting Room for ROCK’N’ROLL DEBAUCHERY: NIGHTMARES! Hope you can join us for fright night…it’s close to midnight…well, 10pm anyway.

24 October 2013  Halloween is in full swing. I am desperately trying to make my costume with the minimum of cost and fuss. Not working. It’s always expensive. It’s always a fuss. But nonetheless, I shall arise triumphant in my pursuit, and noble in my cause. And when I emerge on that stage tomorrow night at Googie’s Lounge with Mike Clifford and friends, a cry will ring out throughout the land…’COWABUNGA!!!!’

23 October 2013  While searching through old files, I stumbled upon all this footage from my record launch of MORE THAN EVER. I will present them bit by bit, and I hope you enjoy them! It was an awesome night way back in December 2011. Looking forward to launch a new record sometime, but for now… xxxx

22 October 2013  I went to bed so early last night, that I woke up and it was still dark…I'm not used to these hours and although I should have enough sleep, behind my eyes hate me for being up so early. Maybe it's because of the images of the fires in New South Wales that are burning out of control, destroying homes and lives in it's path, and that I have family who are out there fighting the fires and risking their lives for others. STAY SAFE PAULA & JACK!!!! My thoughts go out to all affected. We may have to brace ourselves for a terrible fire season. It's only October. Please keep them all in your thoughts. xxx

20 October 2013  Halloween fever I thought would be in full swing by now, so thought it would be totally fine to travel to a 70's disco party last night in full costume and outrageous wig via the subway. WRONG!! I boarded the train and I felt the burn of a hundred eyes look at me like I was an alien...but I was there, on my way, so committed to being in character the whole way. At least I gave people something to talk about... xxx

MiG, Fiona & Ramon Legarda: blame it on the boogie!

18 October 2013  Halloween fever is reaching fever pitched, and it seems I am making up for several lost years of revelry, as I will be playing 2 gigs next weekend, and both times costumes are paramount and expected! On Oct 25 at Googie's Lounge (on top of the Living Room), I'll be guesting at the Mike Clifford gig...don't mean to give our costumes away, but it's going to be a totally bodacious cowabunga experience...and the next night with ROCK'N'ROLL DEBAUCHERY: NIGHTMARES at the Cutting Room. A great way to welcome in the spooky season!! Also, the polls have opened world-wide for the Broadway World Awards, and since I've traveled a LOT of the world this year, if you liked what I did as 'Galileo' in WE WILL ROCK YOU...the 10th Anniversary World Arena Tour, or as 'Stacee Jaxx' in ROCK OF AGES in Manila, then tell the world by voting! Cheeky MiG...very cheeky. But hey! Just letting you know. Have a fab weekend. TGIF. x

17 October 2013  So rehearsals for ROCK'N'ROLL DEBAUCHERY: NIGHTMARES are into full swing today. This is just going to be a blast! The best Halloween party...Hope you can all come, and hopefully you might want to invest in the show, and get some really cool stuff for doing so! Be a Broadway Producer and rock your socks off...Pretty awesome!! Ok off for jog in Central Park now...x

16 October 2013  I am still singing the songs of ATLANTIS, after yesterday's amazing script read in NYC. I am so inspired after working with Matthew Robinson and all the amazing people in the cast. Totally inspired!! Now to focus on ROCK'N'ROLL DEBAUCHERY: NIGHTMARES! on Oct 26 at the beautifully overhauled Cutting Room, NYC, not to mention playing with the wonderful Mike Clifford on Oct 25 at Googie's Lounge. New York is so BUSY suddenly!!

MiG, Ed Watts, Lynne Wintersteller goofing off at Pearl Studios for the reading of Matthew Robinson's ATLANTIS in NYC

14 October 2013  So we are doing the reading for ATLANTIS the musical tomorrow, and I wish we could be doing more than just one read through. This Matthew Robinson piece is a masterpiece and deserves to be shown all over the place. I love working with my new found cast mates, and am inspired by the talent in New York. These amazing artists basically giving their time and talents because they believe in the piece. I love working on new work at this level. I see the potential of what this may become, and I hope a producer runs with it. So much to be inspired about. Am also excited about playing with Mike Clifford on Oct 25, just the night before we perform ROCK'N'ROLL DEBAUCHERY at the Cutting Room on Oct 26. New York is a buzz with artistic creativity, and I am only now again tapping in to that energy...x

13 October 2013  In the midst of making a new home for myself in New York City, I suddenly find myself thick in rehearsals for several projects at the same time. The ROCK'N'ROLL DEBAUCHERY at the Cutting Room on October 26 is in full swing and promises to be a HELL of a lot of fun and the most awesome way to kick off Halloween. Be sure to check out the shows fundraiser, as it provides some AWESOME perks. I am also doing a reading of a new musical by a very talented young Australian writer, Matthew Robinson called ATLANTIS. Being asked to be a part of this is a great honour, as not only am I working with sensational performers, but to see Matthew in action, describing the piece and living and breathing each note and lyric has been inspirational to say the least. Unfortunately, the reading is not open to the public, but I'm sure it won't be too long before you will be able to buy a ticket to see a full-scale production of this amazing work. A-MAZ-ING!! Last but not least, thank you so much to everyone for helping MORE THAN EVER make its way up the OurStage charts. OurStage is such a great platform for musicians. x

7 October 2013  Chookas to the new London cast of WE WILL ROCK YOU who opened today at the Dominion Theatre, including many people returning from the old cast, brand new 'ROCKERS' and especially those World Arena Tour alumni. As we do our first read through of the ROCK 'N' ROLL DEBAUCHERY script here in New York, I realize how blessed I am that I get to do so many cool and different things all around the world. I am so looking forward to what lies

September 2013

28 September 2013  Loving Mike Clifford @Rockwood Music Hall NYC!! #mikeclifford #awesometalent
28 September 2013  So I feel like I've totally moved back into NY life. New apartment, new home, new beginning. Loving this city so much! I am a New Yorker again, and loving it. So I had to visit the 9/11 Memorial to remind me of what it means to be a New Yorker. It was a very moving and profound place. It is a very fitting testament to all those who we lost on that day. 

11 September 2013  We must never forget the significance of that fateful day, 12 years ago today. For all those who we lost then and along the way, in the face of terror and in the pursuit of justice, you will never be forgotten. Ever. x

9 September 2013  Loving the Fall weather in NYC. Sunny and cool. Busy apartment hunting and also spending time with my little girl Powder. Puppy love is amazing is the New York sunshine.

7 September 2013  Nothing like an impromptu jam with old friends the Kayumanggi Band at Payag Restaurant in Queens. Filipino! Filipino!
5 September 2013  Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury! We all still rejoice in the celebration of your creation. The show is definitely still going on... Xxx
3 September 2013  Look at my new video, a nostalgic look at our epic WWRY World Arena Tour, when we visited the mystical magical city of Istanbul. Make sure you watch it on HD!! 
1 September 2013  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you Aussie Dads. I come from a long line of fathers. I am in awe of you all!

August 2013

31 August 2013  Feeling the end of summer is nigh, but still feeling the warmth of the glow long after the sun comes down.
29 August 2013  Back in the MiG Apple...rebooting the New York experience, and loving it!!
28 August 2013  Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today. I wanna be a part of it: NEW YORK NEW YORK!!! Bye London. I will always love

July 2013

27 July 2013  It's THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! The final ROCK OF AGES show in Manila EVER! The battle of egos, spandex and guy-liners reaches its ultimate climax at the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre at the RCBC Plaza. May the best pout win...
27 July 2013  So I find myself on the eve of my last day of ROCK OF AGES in Manila. I have had such an amazing time with such a magnificent group of people. From the cast to the crew to the band to the creatives, it has been a joyful experience from beginning right up to this very end. I will treasure the glorious memories and miss my new beautiful friends. I will miss 'Stacee' but will hang up my lycra and guyliner proudly knowing that I have given it my all and have lived the dream. Let's go out with a bang, Manila. You rock my world!! xx
STACEE JAXX...and Arsenal...Doing their final gig at the Bourbon Room at the RCBC Plaza, Carlos Romulo Theater. Melting faces, one Pinoy at a time!!
23 July 2013  RADIO REPUBLIC  Had a wonderful time at Radio Republic today. This place totally rocks. Its dedication to local Filipino Rock talent is second to none. Stay tuned for the full MiG interview and live performance. x
MiG, Reynen Diego & Lucie Jones @ Radio Republic Studios
18 July 2013  Our last night on Boracay Island with the family! This place is just Heaven on Earth! Back to Manila today for yet another weekend of rock'n'roll mayhem with ROCK OF AGES!
15 July 2013  Spending a few days on glorious Boracay Island, and it don't get better than this!!
11 July 2013  On the day of our first preview, everything is on track and ready to explode all over the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre in the RCBC Plaza in Makati, Manila, Philippines. This is going to be friggin' awesome!!
STACEE JAXX is back in the HOUSE!
7 July 2013  ROCK OF AGES SITZPROBE  'Arsenal' meets the cast of ROCK OF AGES for the return Manila season. Only a few days left of fine-tuning rehearsals before our first preview on July 11, and then our big opening July 12. This show is in great shape and we promise to rock even harder than we did in 2012. Faces, get ready to MELT!!!

June 2013

25 June 2013  THE BUGOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!  Rehearsals for ROCK OF AGES - The Return Season are in full swing. Be afraid... Be very afraid!
MiG, Jamie Wilson & Jett Pangan at rehearsals
24 June 2013  MiG IN JAPAN  En route to Manila, thought I'd stop over in Tokyo for some sushi and sake...
23 June 2013  HERE I GO AGAIN...  Checked in, awaiting to board my Delta flight to Manila via Tokyo. Am psyched to reunite with my Manila ROCKERS OF AGES and start the ball rolling. Melting faces all around the world!! 
20 June 2013  YANKEE DOODLE DO OR DIE  So first day back in New York, I go with my cousin Aldo (aka 'Alegar') to see the Yankees get their butts whooped by the LA Dodgers. But hey, it was a glorious night, the sushi was delicious and the beer was cold. What more could you ask for?...maybe a win?! 

15 June 2013  BELFASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS! It's time to take this bad boy all the way home. Last show in Belfast, last show in the UK, last show of the WE WILL ROCK YOU World Arena Tour!! It's been the experience of a lifetime and I have loved every second of it. I will miss every single person who has been a part of this journey and I take you home in my heart... Xxx

4 June 2013  June 4, 2013  Well, I have to say it's been a long time since I have written an entry into this journal. So much has happened in so little time, I scarcely had the time (and internet reliability!) to post anything substantial. But as we are drawing close to the end of this amazing tour, let me fill you in on what's been going on since I last wrote from Istanbul...
After Turkey, we found ourselves in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had visited there once before on a promotional tour, but this time we were here for business and we were in for the biggest surprise of the tour. The local promoters in Sofia really had done their homework, and the results were evident of their brilliant and enthusiastic work. The crowds in Sofia were large and so appreciative, to the point that we thought we could crowd surf, even in the matinees! The Bulgarians LOVE their rock, and so wanting to show us their appreciation. Some of our biggest performances were here. Sofia itself, is a beautiful city, with so much evidence still there from the communist days. The people are warm and friendly and so wanting to show us a good time. They have a fantastic standard of living...the restaurants and cafes and bars were so cool and beautiful, and it was clear that Bulgaria was still on its way up, and was definitely going places. It was one of the most surprising delights of the tour.
MiG on the rooftop bar of a hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria with the majestic Alexander Nevski Church in the background
Then we hop on board our chartered jet to Zagreb, Croatia, where upon arrival I flew to the magical city of Dubrovnik, where only by coincidence, my parents were holidaying! So I spent a few days traveling with their tour group around Dubrovnik and over the border to Montenegro. Despite some absolutely drenching heavy rain, the scenery was breathtaking, and walking the streets and the walls of the old towns was unforgettable. I truly want to go back to the Croatian coast when it gets warmer to really appreciate the beauty of it all.

MiG and the chartered WE WILL ROCK YOU jet, en route to Zagreb, Croatia, while on the tarmac in Sofia, Bulgaria

Then Zagreb itself, was another wonderful surprise. The audiences lapped up everything we did! They totally got all the humour and jokes and were quick to respond to everything that we were hoping for. Some of our most memorable shows were in Zagreb. The Croatians are amazing, beautiful people and I was so impressed with my whole Croatian experience. I am SO coming back for a proper holiday next time. It was way too short a time to spend in such a beautiful country.
MiG on the wall of the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia
So that ends the European mainland part of the tour. Our next stop is back in the UK. Sheffield. We are taking WE WILL ROCK YOU home for its final weeks. Every show counts...yikes!! xxx

May 2013

7 May 2013  ISTANBULIEVABLE  So we find ourselves in incredible and insane Istanbul! The pulse of this city is electric and crazy, and also deeply spiritual. The history screams from every cobblestone, every wall and every mosque...literally...five times a day!! The city is breathtakingly beautiful, as are the people. So friendly, so humble, so willing to go out of their way to make sure you are having a good time. We visited the Blue Mosque, the New Mosque, the Aya Sofia (or the Hagia Sophia), the Grand Bazaar, the Spice markets...and that was just one day! So much more to see. We have a pretty grueling performance and promo schedule, so we need to pace ourselves, but when in
MiG in front of The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


April 2013

28 April 2013  PRAGUE, CZECH ONE-TWO!!  So here we are in possibly the most beautiful city I have ever seen...Prague. I have always dreamed of coming here and have been looking forward to this leg of the tour since it was first confirmed. We were actually supposed to have 3 days off here, but the promoters decided to send us to Ostrava for one show only. This is all fine and good, as we had a fine time in Ostrava, but the charm and magic of Prague is hard to compete with. Prague  has even exceeded my very high expectations, and is more spectacular than I have imagined. I think I am getting arthritis in my over-active shutter trigger finger...I need to get a new external drive to store all my shots!!
The crew have been stretched to the limit this week with a load-in, load-out, travel day and more load-ins and outs every day...yet they do so with a smile and a song and tell me that it's what they love to do. I am so in awe of this group of people as they have a mammoth task and do it with such expertise and professionalism and with good humour and enthusiasm. This week definitely belongs to them.
We find ourselves at the half-way point of this world tour and we are feeling the change of the seasons from Arctic winters to Mediterranean summers. We are off to Istanbul on Monday, and am so excited, but will miss Prague with all my heart. I am coming back for

11 April 2013  Just finished soundcheck. It's time to rock Holland to the core, Amsterdammit!!! 

2 April 2013  You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why...WE WILL ROCK YOU'S coming to town...SOFIA, Bulgaria is ready to ROCK!!! xxx

1 April 2013  LEAVING THE HOOD So we're done with naughty-Nottingham...Robin Hood country! What a week this has been!! It was so cool for the cast to touch base with home, and with loved ones again, and great to have such appreciative and HUGE audiences all week at the Capitol FM Arena here. And on top of all that...The 'Hairy God Of Rock' himself, Brian May came to blow the roof off with us on opening night!! I always have to pinch myself when I perform with Brian. Moments like these just do not get any better. His humble nature and loving spirit accompanied by his incredible talent continues to inspire me. But alas, we move on!! I travel to Sofia, Bulgaria today for a short promo trip and then to Dublin, Ireland for a pint of Guiness...and I might even do a few shows there too... xxxx
MiG, Brian May & Lauren Samuels on the set of WE WILL ROCK YOU in Nottingham, UK


March 2013

27 March 2013  Just sound checked BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY with Brian May!! Rock n roll fantasies don't get bigger than this!!! 
25 March 2013  A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE HORSENS FORUM. Finland: Done. Denmark: Done. Nottingham, England, here we come! Two countries, five cities, and we've only just begun. This tour is massive! And loving it...

20 March 2013  So we opened last night in Horsens to roaring response. It has been snowing steadily since we arrived here from Copenhagen and the wintery landscape is breathtaking. Copenhagen was a complete delight. I might even want to move back there one day...when it's warmer. Can't get rid of any jackets and sweaters just yet! But Scandinavia is definitely rocking our world right now!!
Our modest little cottage in Horsens, Denmark

12 March 2013  Opened WWRY in COPENHAGEN tonight!! This place is wonderful, wonderful... And so beautiful in every way...and they know how to ROCK!!! (also the Danish word for "ME" is "MIG") This place has my name all over it!!! xxxxx

7 March 2013  GREAT DANES! So we are in Denmark now, about to open in Aalborg tonight. We have had a chance to re-charge and re-group, ready for another opening, another city, another country. Scandinavia has truly been showing off how beautiful this part of the world is. Now to see how hard they rock!
  Aalborg, Denmark in sight, we invade and take no prisoners!

4 March 2013  We are so FINNISHED!!! Goodbye FINLAND!! What an amazing experience you have been! I'll be back...maybe when it's a little warmer...Lookout Denmark, Finland has set the bar very high. Here we come, ready or 

4 March 2013  So buzzed still from the near capacity crowd last night in Helsinki, which included Queen's very own ROGER TAYLOR... we're in the middle of a 5 show weekend at -8ºC outside, it has been snowing all night, and I cannot wait to get out there to do it all again!!! ROCK ON, FINLAND!!!! xxx

2 March 2013  Time to give 'em HELL, Helsinki!!! City #2 ROCKS HARD!!! Xxxx

February 2013

27 February 2013  So...Opening night was a huge success! The crowd and producers all very happy. Very proud of the awesome WWRY team!! Despite me cracking my head open early on in Act 2, I managed to finish the show and no-one would have been the wiser, if it weren't for the blood trickling down the back of my head...THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! Paramedics, hospital and then off to the after-party. Now THAT is ROCK'N'ROLL, baby!!!!! xxxx
MiG @the HK Areena, Turku, Finland

26 February 2013  THIS IS IT!  We flew into a snow covered Helsinki yesterday and a breathtaking bus ride to Turku gave us at least a quick look at this amazing Northern country called Finland! We are just about to head off to HK Arena for our sound checks and final preparations for our OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT!!! This has been a long-time in the planning and we are finally here. I can't wait to finally perform this amazing show in front of an audience. CHOOKAS everyone, and fasten seat-belts...HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo.......!!!!

22 February 2013  Loved THE BODYGUARD with Hannah and Bianca @hannahjanefox @heatherheadley...AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!

21 February 2013  GOODBYE WEMBLEY  We are now at the end of the rehearsal period for WE WILL ROCK YOU. We have been working on getting this monster off the ground, and it's time to let it fly! It has been such a joy working with old friends Tony Edge, Mike Dixon and Giorgia Barberi. The whole process has been a dream from the beginning, and so full of laughter and positivity. Now we have to put all this training into effect. It has always been a dream to play Wembley, and although it was to an empty arena, still, I count that box ticked! Everyone is in such high spirits and are taking the next few days to pack and say goodbye to friends and family. I have in effect, been touring already since early January, but still am taking this time to say goodbye to my beloved London. 
Galileo MiGaro!!

20 February 2013  MiGalileo Figaro!! Last day at Wembley...Finland, here we come! 

19 February 2013  HELLO WEMBLEY!! What a magnificent sight first thing in the morning!!!

15 February 2013  The WWRY boys get their assigned robes and are ready to...ROCK!

14 February 2013  OUT INTO THE NIGHT, DOWN ON THE STREETS  We have finished our first day of tech rehearsals on the new set of WWRY. The cast are buzzing with excitement as we put all the elements together: the band, the sound, the lights, the set, the props...It's all coming together so well. This is a sure-fire hit, and we just have to keep bringing our A-game. Four weeks at the picturesque 3 Mills Studios will soon seem a distant memory as we surge forwards to cities around the world. We are all in high spirits and I am confident the show will be AWESOME!! Day we PS: Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!! There's a lot of love in the room....xxxx
MiG in front of 3 Mills Studios, Bromley-By-Bow, London 

13 February 2013  1st day on the WWRY set! Tech rehearsals are GO!!

11 February 2013  At sound check at the Hippodrome, about to sing with @TheNathanJames!! 


10 February 2013  Back in the studio with Simon Pinto!!


9 February 2013  Last day's rehearsal at 3 Mills Studios for WWRY, with Ben Elton upping the ante and putting lead in our pencils!!


3 February 2013  I am so blown away by the talent at West End Fest tonight!!

January 2013

29 January 2013  AUSTRALIA DAY  We’re well into our third week of rehearsals for the tour. It’s all going incredibly well. Much better than I even hoped. It feels great to be back as ‘Galileo’. He fits me like a nice comfortable pair of jeans. What makes it even better is the great people I am working with. The new cast of this production have surprised me every day with their talent, and unbridled enthusiasm. They are a wonderful group of people and I grow fonder of them every day. I do feel very blessed to be given this opportunity. I was also very fortunate to have been involved in the Australia Day edition of SUNDAY IN THE APARTMENT at Australia House over the weekend. It was such a spectacular venue for a wonderful event. I am sure this weekend’s WEST END FEST will be just as awesome. I just need to get new super cold weather gear for Finland. Within a couple of days last week, I split my jeans, punctured my boots and broke my jacket zipper. There will be no room for wardrobe malfunctions in Turku, where it was -21ºC last week.


27 January 2013  Loving Australia House. Very noice...
18 January 2013  Am in love with everyone on stage at the Dominion Theatre tonight. WWRY just keeps getting BETTER!!
14 January 2013  Starting rehearsals today for WE WILL ROCK YOU and after all this time I am still a MUPPET!! A great, vibrant young cast of rockstars. So thrilled to be a part of this...And the snow is falling thick. Xxx

12 January 2013  Just wanted to say how grateful I am for all the birthday wishes from all over the world! You have made my day. Xxx

11 January 2013  Thank you all so much for all your birthday wishes!! I feel so loved and special today! Thank you from a very happy, yet older man! Always love, MiG X
11 January 2013  January 10, 2013 VIRGIN ATLANTIC ACROSS THE POND Today my journey begins. Today is the beginning of a new chapter. A new volume. A new dawn. A new life. I am on board a Virgin Atlantic flight from JFK to Heathrow, to start rehearsals for the new World Arena Tour of WE WILL ROCK YOU. I start rehearsals on Monday. I am excited and scared at the same time. This tour is massive and there is a lot of pressure to get this right. I have to play all my trump cards. I need to bring my A-Game. A lot is expected. Much is on the line. I have left behind a life I have loved and I look ahead to a life of much upheaval and instability. I am open to the Universe of Possibilities & Abundance. This is an opportunity of a life-time and I plan on giving it everything I’ve got. I do not take this challenge lightly. I have only dreamed of a situation like this and I will give it my all. Here I go again on my own…and I’m feeling good.

For 2012 Diary click here... 

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