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After a hugely successful reprisal of 'Galileo Figaro' in the WE WILL ROCK YOU - 10th ANNIVERSARY WORLD ARENA TOUR, MiG returns to the stage as 'Rooster Hannigan' in ANNIE. In the upcoming weeks this new page on mig-music will be updated with pictures, video, mini-diary entries, as well as other ANNIE mini-diary mig-music exclusives. In the meantime, click here to visit the WE WILL ROCK YOU page for a look back on MiG's time on the arena tour...

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7 July 2014   So I've landed in San Francisco after a long flight from Auckland. Don't mean to gripe, but Air New Zealand has some making up to do. They were 2 hours late in departing from Auckland, the entertainment system was not working for the whole flight despite attempts to reboot the system, I've missed my connecting flight to New York, so now I have to catch another flight which gets me into JFK at after 1am... Ahhhh the glamour of trans-continental life!! I wish I was still in New Zealand... Xxxx

My life is a plane. I'm a MiG.

5 July 2014   Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I leave here tomorrow…I can’t believe that this journey is at its end. Today we perform the last 2 shows of ANNIE in New Zealand, and it has been such an incredible journey. The warmth and awesomeness of the Kiwis have been overwhelming to say the least. I have loved every little bit of my stay in Wellington and Auckland. It is sad for me to leave this beautiful country, even sadder to say goodbye to the amazing Kiwi kids who have played the ‘Orphans' and ‘Annies’. I will also miss our superstar ‘Sandy’, Ramble…I think my next dog will be a labradoodle!! But I will also miss EVERYONE from my new UK family. To all those with whom I started this journey with way back in London, I thank you for welcoming me to the fold and for being such a warm and caring company. A band of brothers and sisters have we become. Onwards to new adventures and new beginnings, loaded with an arsenal of beautiful memories that will keep me company forever. However, I will not miss my MOUSTACHE! Tonight after our final curtain, I will bid farewell to my hairy upper lip, and welcome a new dawn of smoothness. You have served me well, oh little mo, but it’s time to go…xxx

One of these things is not like the other…MiG and some of the Kiwi Kids at the "Orphans’ Picnic”

4 July 2014   What is it about New Zealand that makes us do crazy things? JD Collins and I are asking the same thing!! We made a pact at the beginning of the Auckland season that we would both jump off Auckland Tower. True to our word, we donned our lightning bolt/superhero onesies and with the help of SKYJUMP, we hurled ourselves off the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and landed safely on our target. Mission accomplished. Box ticked. Job well done!

John D. Collins and MiG make true their jump pact at SKYJUMP, at Auckland’s Sky Tower

2 July 2014   Today we got to be special visitors to the incredible Auckland Zoo! We got to feed the giraffes, and get special access to the wonderful exhibits that this awesome park has to offer. Many thanks to Elena, Dave and Jane at the zoo for being so kind. Despite the wet and cold weather, we had such an unforgettable day! Check out new pics at the Annie gallery! [scroll down for gallery]

MiG makes a new tall friend

30 June 2014   Final week of shows. 8 more Roosters. 8 more ANNIES. We are in the home stretch of this tour. I am counting down sadly to the time when this magical tour will come to an end. Hope you can see it before we have our final curtain...

ANNIE lights up the Civic for its final week...

26 June 2014   So it’s business as usual back at the ANNIE camp, so I took this opportunity to go back and finish Episode 17 of last year’s WE WILL ROCK YOU Arena Tour, ( where we visited Croatia. WWRY is never far from my consciousness, especially since we are again working at the Civic Theatre in Auckland where we opened our Tour in 2007. And there is always something there to remind me…

The WWRY poster sitting proudly side-stage amongst the shows that have graced the Civic Theatre

25 June 2014   So I made it back to Auckland, New Zealand after flying for 30 hours from New York, via Los Angeles and Sydney, landing at 3:30pm. Arrived back at the hotel at 4:15pm. Was at warm up in the theatre at 5pm. It was a task I set out for myself and was very proud I did it! There was no way I was going to miss my cousin Denise’s wedding to Joe. It was the most magical weekend with family and friends. So what’s the best way to celebrate that? By jumping off the Auckland Bridge, Kiwi style!! 3…2…1…BUNGY! Who said Roosters can’t fly??!

MiG jumps off another bridge…into Auckland Harbour

23 June 2014   60 hours flight time for 48 hours with family for a celebration of love and life. All worth it!! Must admit, I'm pretty shagged, but am on my last leg of my epic waiting to board my flight to Auckland from Sydney. I land in Auckland this afternoon and will head almost straight to the theatre. I just need to heal this busted toe nail of mine. Too much info? Maybe, but it's ouch!

Life is an airplane. I am MiG.

19 June 2014   So I begin an EPIC journey to N.Y.C. 1st leg, AUCKLAND to BRISBANE. I'm taking Annie home to New York. And away we goooooooo...

Goodbye Auckland, let's go to NYC...via Brisbane!!

17 June 2014   I am so loving being in Auckland. This very hip, and groovy city has developed even leaps and bounds since I was last here in 2007. There is so much to explore, to see and do, I am trying to make the most of my stay here. However, I leave on Friday to head back to New York for just a few days for my cousins wedding. I will miss five shows from Friday through to Sunday, but the show will be in great hands of the very talented Michael Cortez who will play ‘Rooster’ while I am away. I will be back on Tuesday night. This was a pre-contractual agreement, as I could not possibly miss my cousin Denise’s wedding to the awesome Joe. Can’t believe that the whole family will all be in New York, while I am away in New Zealand! I am staying for only two nights but traveling for 4 days…! having said that, I can’t wait to see my family and all back in NY. It’s going to be a very happy joyous occasion. I was lucky to be allowed to watch and ‘shoot’ the dress rehearsal where they put Michael through his paces as ‘Rooster’ and I am very happy that I am now allowed to show you these shots here at [scroll down for gallery]. Unfortunately, I am in NONE of the shots, but as you can see, this is a lavish production, and one that I am very proud of being involved in. Enjoy!

Some of the Auckland ‘Orphans’ get ready to watch the dress rehearsal at the majestic Civic Theatre, watched over by a golden lion…

14 June 2014   The ANNIE company were on fire last night at the opening of the show in Auckland. So much so, that they had to call the fire brigade and we had to evacuate the building! Apparently, a fire alarm was set off in the theatre just as we finished the show. We all had to rush out of the building, some of us barely dressed as we were getting ready for the opening night party!! The audience got more show than they bargained for and we really showed them how dramatic we can be! Thank you to the Auckland Fire Department for responding SO quickly. Lucky it was a false alarm. This show is definitely smoking HOT!!

The scene outside the Civic Theatre last night as the Fire Department responded to our smoking hot show!

14 June 2014   Another city, another opening night…PRESS NIGHT! Tonight marks the official opening of ANNIE here in Auckland. We are performing at the amazingly spectacular Civic Theatre, where seven years ago, we were opening WE WILL ROCK YOU. We are all very excited. The Kiwi kids are AMAZING! We are in great shape after two successful preview performances. Loving Auckland, loving New Zealand, loving my job. Can’t complain about that much, can I??!! Sweet as!!!

A ‘ROOSTER’ selfie

12 June 2014   Press call! Opening night! Final dress rehearsal! It's all happening today!!!! Another day, another opening. It's all very exciting!! Auckland, on with the show this is it !!!

Meet Clyde: our newest SANDY

11 June 2014   I have truly loved the beautiful days in Auckland after such terrible weather driving here! Love to jog around this gorgeous harbor city… #ilovemyjob #iloveauckland #ilovenz #annienz

11 June 2014   Tomorrow, at 1pm in front of the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, people are gathering for #flashmob and #timetoact to join the world in uniting to end sexual violence in conflict. In the light of the horrific atrocities that are coming to the surface in Sri Lanka, and as delegates meet in London for the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, we the ANNIE company stand together to say that the time to act is NOW, that war crimes like these should not go unpunished and the sexual violence against women and men must be put to an end immediately. We stand united with the world in condemning these horrific acts of human atrocities. #timetoact #flashmob

11 June 2014   So today we met the Auckland orphans, and they thrilled us with their incredible talent and enthusiasm! Our consolation of losing our little Wellies is that we have new Awesome Auckies!!! We are in such good shape, I thought we could have opened tonight! We are into the magnificent Civic Theatre tomorrow, but we enjoyed having yet again the city town hall at our disposal. So excited to be back in Auckland, and with such a great show with such an amazing cast. The Kiwi kids are just insanely talented. Words fail me as to how impressed we all are by everything we have seen here in New Zealand. Choice as, bro!!! xxx

The Auckland Orphans show us what they got at rehearsals at Auckland’s City Hall

10 June 2014   Road Trip!! Rachel Stanley, Joe Connors, Chris Kayson and I decided to drive from Wellington to Auckland, while the rest of the ANNIE company flew. What an adventure! We decided to take 2 days, stopping at Taupo along the way. Despite the terrible weather, we saw such incredible landscapes, over mountains, forests, over rivers and lakes, taking in the breathtaking New Zealand countryside. But we made it to beautiful Auckland, and I had a jog this morning around this city, seeing how much it has developed since I was last here seven years ago. I am so excited to explore this place. Life is definitely a journey, not a destination, but what a wonderful destination this is!!

Joe Connors, Rachel Stanley, Chris Kayson and MiG enjoy jet boating the Huka Falls Rapids near Lake Taupo. Thank you Rapids Jet!! Awesome!!! (

7 June 2014   So today, we are performing our last shows in Wellington. In fact, I’m writing this from my dressing room in the interval of the matinee. The audiences have been a delight here, and I will miss this beautiful city that I am still just starting to get to know in all its glory. But I will miss most those amazing little Wellies, who played the orphans here. They are getting quite emotional as they see this magical experience coming soon to an end. But for many, this will be just the beginning of many more wonderful theatrical experiences. Many stars were born on this St. James stage. I put it to the Auckland girls, that they have ‘big’ shoes to fill. But I look forward to the next chapter: AUCKLAND! How I love that city. I will miss you Wellington…I SHALL RETURN! xxx

Tania Rodger gives us ANNIE company the VIP treatment at the WETA WORKSHOP!!

6 June 2014   We had a wonderful day visiting Red Rocks Reserve, just a short drive out of Wellington, to see the colony of beautiful fur seals. There were so many of them just draped over the rocks, catching the last of the day’s sun. Our fantastic guide Garry just spoiled us with this incredible spot, south of Wellington. It was such a clear day, we could see the snow capped mountains of the South Island from there. I wish we could take one of the seals home!…maybe become a Sandy understudy, should Ramble feel a little off…?

MiG and seals (of the fur kind) at Red Rocks Reserve, Wellington, New Zealand

4 June 2014   To continue my photo essay on this New Zealand Tour of ANNIE, I’ve just added a heap of new photos to the gallery [scroll down for gallery]. I hope you enjoy them. New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise. I can’t stop shooting!! Off to see some seals today. Check out the pics tomorrow...

The fly-tower at the St. James Theatre. Looks like even the fly-men are getting into the ANNIE spirit!

3 June 2014   What an amazing weekend I had! My parents were here from Sydney, and we had such a wonderful time! They fell in love with Wellington as quickly as I did. Thank you to the wonderful Museum Hotel, The Library and Crumpet for spoiling them rotten and taking care of them. We even managed to fit in Yum Cha Dim Sum at Dragons on Sunday brunch…yummy! Then the fun just kept on rolling as we had a wonderful night at Hummingbird. I have to especially thank Hewitt and Jo Humphries, who invited the cast to their wonderful house overlooking Wellington Harbour, for a Queen’s Birthday party like no other! The hospitality and friendliness of the Kiwis is more than legendary, it’s fact! But, back to work for our final week here in Wellywood. It’s show time!

The 42nd Street Tram pulls out onto the stage for NYC…on with the show!

1 June 2014   Only one week left of the Wellington season of ANNIE! I can’t believe it is going so fast!! I am loving this beautiful city so much. I am struggling to find enough time to see and do all I can. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II. We will celebrate you in style today in New Zealand!

A ‘Rooster’ Selfie

30 May 2014   After a magnificent twelve year run, WE WILL ROCK YOU is playing for the last time at the Dominion Theatre in London, tonight. Performing that show at that theatre has been one of the highlights of my career, if not my life. I congratulate all of you performing tonight and to all those Bohemians and Yuppies, onstage, behind the scenes, to those millions of fans around the world, who have ever been a part of this phenomenon, I wish you a final ‘bow, and curtain call’ and may the show go on, and on, and on, and on…YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS!!

The company of ANNIE salute you, WE WILL ROCK YOU! To those about to rock for the last time…xxx

28 May 2014   We are well into the swing of things now. I am loving my new ANNIE family. Everyone in the company is so warm and wonderful and talented, from the youngest to the oldest, (and that is a HUGE age band, of about 80 years!!!). You have to check out this amazing documentary about the ANNIE auditions. I get so nervous when I audition, I can only imagine what these young girls were experiencing. To see what they go through, even before we hit the rehearsal space is inspiring enough. Then to see them shine and blow everyone away on the actual stage just makes me speechless. We are witnessing stars being born… Check out the video here: I am also in love with our youngest star, the fuzzy-wuzzy angel that is Ramble, who plays ‘Sandy’. We are told to resist the urge to distract him, as when he is working he needs to focus on his tasks, but it is like torture to not be able to just hug the hell out of this incredibly cute and loving dog. He makes me melt. I want to EAT HIM!!!!! ….not literally.

Fiona with Ramble ‘SANDY’ backstage at the St. James Theatre, Wellington

26 May 2014   So we've finally opened the show in Wellington and it's been a great success. We're still ironing out a few bugs, but we have a great show and we are really in the swing of things! We get our days free now to do more exploring which is really exciting in this beautiful city of Wellington! Zoe and Amelia have both had their 'Annie' debuts, and the two groups of orphans have had their chance to shine. Just Ilena is left to have her moment of glory...every show seems to have its own special occasion.

MiG on stage as 'Rooster Hannigan'
Photo © Hagen Hopkins

23 May 2014   First performance last night was a huge success and great relief to get through, to standing ovations in the crowd. There is so much heart to this show, and everyone is just brilliant! Amelia Walshe was our Annie last night, and she was extraordinary. Her performance was flawless!! I can't say it enough, but I am totally floored at the level of talent in this show from the kids, to the adults, to the creative and production teams to Ramble, our 'Sandy'! Press night tonight. I hope they will feel the same...

One of these things is not like the other... Zoe Fifield, Amelia Walshe and Ilena Shadbolt pose with a Rooster

22 May 2014   Overture, dim the lights, this is it! The night of nights…. or something like that. We’ve arrived at opening night! First preview tonight for ANNIE - The Musical in New Zealand. It’s been quite a journey to get here, with so many pieces of the puzzle to connect. We had a wonderful time to get things going, and it looks like we’re in pretty good shape. I am so proud of our company of adults and kids and animals…(and I’m talking about Sandy, not the band)…And oh what heights we’ll hit…..ON WITH THE SHOW, THIS IS IT!!

The ANNIE company on stage at the St. James Theatre, Wellington at the Sitzprobe

21 May 2014   Tomorrow, tomorrow, We open tomorrow, It's only a day away...

Emily Trebicki (Lily St. Regis) & MiG (Rooster Hannigan) backstage at the St. James Theatre

20 May 2014   We are neck deep into tech rehearsals now and the crew are doing an amazing job reconstructing the set, setting the lights, tweaking the audio and we had the element of the orchestra coming to join us last night. It’s all shaping up very nicely, but long days and nights ahead yet!

The Orphans and Miss Hannigan rehearse on the set of ANNIE

19 May 2014   We had our first day off since arriving in Wellington. It has been a pretty hectic rehearsal schedule, so we were really looking forward to some well deserved R&R. We were so fortunate to be given a tour of the Weta Workshops (Peter Jackson’s legendary film production complex) organized by Maria and Ilena Shadbolt (one of our talented Kiwi ‘Annie’s). I was so breathless with excitement as this is the one place in Wellington I truly wanted to see, especially after being greeted so graciously by Gollum at the airport. I was so ready to take a billion shots, but the place is shrouded with secrecy, so was unable to take too many pics inside. However the insight into what goes on at Weta was truly amazing! A must see in Wellington. But today is our first day of technical rehearsals. This is our home stretch towards opening night...

MiG, Scott Royle, Ilena Shadbolt, Helen Rymer, Chris Krayson, Emily Trebicki, Alex McMillan, Joe Connors and a couple of trolls outside the Weta Cave

17 May 2014   Yesterday was a very exciting day at ANNIE NZ.., we got to meet ‘Sandy’!!! And wow, he is the most adorable dog…real name is ‘Ramble’, but nothing vicious about him at all. We are to be very respectful and kill the urge to just hug and touch him, as he needs to focus on the amazing acting job he does on stage, but I want to steal him and bring him home!!! And we finally had our first day at the majestic St. James Theatre. This historic building is the perfect canvas on which we will paint our story. And then on top of all that we got to run Act 1 twice, without too many hitches, the excitement for the show just keeps on building! The Kiwi kids just keep getting better and better, as we get closer and closer to opening night…

The majestic St. James Theatre gets invaded by ANNIE

14 May 2014   We are in full swing again with rehearsals. Long days, cold and windy outside, dark when we finish work, but we are filled with excitement of how the show is turning out. The Kiwi children are just delivering charisma and talent in buckets, and we are trying to keep up with their amazing energy and enthusiasm! But one day we will have a day off to truly explore this amazing country. Much work to be done until then! MUCH!!!

David McAlister (‘Oliver Warbucks’) hard at work at rehearsals

13 May 2014   Today, it all came together. Today I understood what ANNIE was all about. Today we met the Kiwi kids, the ‘Orphans’. And then it all made sense. Not only were the 3 ‘Annies’ brilliant, but every single girl that was cast for this show were outstanding. Beyond expectations, the girls from New Zealand have blown us away. The brilliant choreography of Helen Rymer was finally brought to life and there was not a dry eye in the rehearsal space as the girls showed us what they had been working on for the past two months. We have found not just one future star, but a whole chorus of future stars are born. The future of ‘girl-power’ in New Zealand is secure as these amazing performers hit the stage. Look out New Zealand! You will be blown away, by this production…and it’s the local content that will be the piece that is the dynamite! I am truly overwhelmed…

The Wellington Town Hall…ANNIE rehearsal HQ as the new and old generations collide!

12 May 2014   Had the most wonderful day exploring this gorgeous city of Wellington. From an early morning jog, to a late afternoon lazy lunch at the awesome Beach Babylon, it was smiles and awwww all day long!! I have started a gallery of shots I took during my time with ANNIE from my time in London, to my New Zealand trip. I will continue to add to this gallery, so I hope you can enjoy them and stay tuned with our adventures here. We get to meet the Kiwi kids tomorrow for the first time, the real stars of the show. I wonder when I get to meet Sandy the dog? So much to love about Wellington, but they are right…IT’S REALLY, REALLY WINDY!!

Some of the cast of ANNIE visit the ‘Office’…

11 May 2014   Kia Ora New Zealand! I’ve made it to Wellington!! I’m pretty used to long haul flights, but this was a LONG HAUL FLIGHT! But again QANTAS did not fail to impress. Our exhausted weary travelers were all in unison about how long it took us to get here. But our journey actually started 3 weeks ago when we first started rehearsals in Warren Street, London. Am just about to go for a jog to explore this beautiful city. Every day is a journey of discovery. Choice as, eh cuzzie?!!

You know you’re in Wellington when…MiG & a giant Gollum at Wellington Airport. We are in Peter Jackson territory for sure!!

10 May 2014   I'm home!!! ...kinda... Transit in Melbourne as it's Mother's Day in Australia. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, YOU AUSSIE MUMS!!! Another short trip to make to Wellington. Almost there, on the home stretch. GOOD ONYA MUM!! Xx

Cannot complain about the awesome QANTAS flight on the A380

10 May 2014   Just landed in Dubai, en route to Wellington. QANTAS and the A380 crew have been wonderful. Another airport, another duty free shop...

Landing in Dubai

9 May 2014   My last day in London. It’s been an amazing trip! From the workshop of Queen’s THE SHOW MUST GO ON, to rehearsals for ANNIE, to just seeing friends and hanging around this amazing city, my home away from home, my former home. My last night was one of the highlights of the whole trip, watching MISS SAIGON at the Prince Edward Theatre. The production was amazing and fresh and then cast were giving it 150%. The performances blew me away! Considering we saw the alternate ‘Kim’, Tanya Manalang only on her 2nd show, she was extraordinary! Incredible performances from the beautiful Rachelle Ann Go as ‘Gigi’ and Alistair Brammer as ‘Chris’, Tamsin Carroll as ‘Ellen’, Kwang-Ho Hong as ‘Thuy’…in fact the whole cast deserves a mention! It would be wrong of me to exclude anyone last night. It was only their 1st week of previews, yet it was pretty perfect from my seat (despite a really tall guy sitting right in front of me!). But I have to single out Jon Jon Briones as ‘The Engineer’. His performance was what legends are made from. Bravo to all! So anyway, enough gushing. Off to Wellington, New Zealand today via Dubai and Melbourne. It’s going to be an epic 24 hour flight, but just the beginning of a massive adventure. Goodbye London…and away we goooooooooo….!!!

Wellington, here we come!!!

8 May 2014   So we are done in London. Nothing left to do but pack and say our goodbyes, ready and eager to say "kia ora!” to our new friends in New Zealand as we fly out tomorrow! It’s been an adventure so far, but it is only just beginning. There is much last minute London things to do…

The UK contingent of the ANNIE company, on our last day of rehearsals in London

7 May 2014   It's our last day of rehearsals here in London. We are doing all we can to prepare ourselves for a very busy technical period in New Zealand. The better we know what WE need to do, the easier it will be when we add the magnificent chaos of kids, dogs, sets, costumes, props, lights, orchestra and microphones...yikes! This is a massive jigsaw puzzle and the biggest pieces are yet to be placed!

Alex McMillan, MiG and Emily Trebicki on the last day of ANNIE rehearsals in London

6 May 2014   Had an amazing weekend off. Three days of exploring this incredible city of London, with great friends and probably too much champagne (is that even possible?). Back at the office today refreshed and heading down the home stretch of ANNIE UK rehearsals...

Alfie and MiG under the shadow of the majestic Tower Bridge

5 May 2014   Yesterday, May 4, was World STAR WARS day. And my cousin Billy was just killing it with his array of costumes. So proud of the Geekiness that runs in our family!! May the 4th be with you….always.

Billy and the gang enjoy a coolant in Manila…

4 May 2014   Ok. 1930 step there. Now to grow a moustache, and get depressed!

4 May 2014   May the 4th, be with you. Happy STAR WARS day...

3 May 2014   It's haircut time. Time to get fully immersed into the 1930s... Which means getting quite a makeover. Check out next time to see how it turned out...

MiG at ANDREW BROWN hairdressers, with Alfie photobombing...

2 May 2014   All the pieces seem to be coming together at ANNIE HQ. The numbers are looking sleeker, the songs are sounding stronger, we are in good shape on our side of the world. We just have to add an army of orphan girls, a mangey dog, costumes, lights, sound, an entire set of 1930's New York City, and I think we might have a show...

The adults in full swing at ANNIE rehearsals

30 April 2014   Train strikes, lost wallets and grey skies could not dampen the mood in the rehearsal room. All systems go for ANNIE, now in its second week of rehearsals. Things are coming into place, and we're really starting to feel a synergy within the company.

Sue Hodge (aka 'Mimi Labonq' in ALLO' ALLO'!) and MiG at rehearsals

27 April 2014   I was very privileged last night to be asked to join the line up at the INCOGNITO ARTISTS concert at St. James Theatre last night. Geoff Sewell, Tim Rogers and their team of talented performers delighted a capacity crowd which included New Zealand Consul-General and pop legend Kiki Dee. One of the true highlights of the night was when Geoff's daughter Sienna, once diagnosed with autism, joined her Dad and little sister Olivia to sing HEAL ME. There was not a dry eye in the house. What Simone and Geoff Sewell achieved with Sienna is nothing short of incredible. They are such an inspiration to us all...

Geoff and Simone Sewell and MiG

26 April 2014   April is Autism Awareness Month, and this holds special interest for me as I have two nephews who are struck with autism. Both are doing extremely well, despite their initial diagnosis. It proves that autism is a challenge, but not a barrier to living rich and fulfilled lives. A champion of the cause is my good friend Geoff Sewell, a star in New Zealand and founder of Incognito Artists. He has organized a concert tonight at the St. James Theatre in London, and as a last minute addition, it looks like I might be part of the line up. I cannot be more honored than to sing with my friends and support him and his wife Simone, as they prove to the world that their little Sienna is a prime example of what can be achieved with care and love. The concert is tonight, Saturday, which will also be filmed by TVNZ, and there are a few tickets left. Here is the link for tickets if you can make it:

Geoff Sewell leads the Incognito Artists

24 April 2014   Another great day at ANNIE. Am marveling at the work of our director Alan Cohen. He has a vision that extends far beyond where I feel this show has gone before and brings a gravity to the scenes which in turn uplifts the comedy and the charm of this piece. But I was moved today by the plight of a true legend, Stephen Sutton, who at the age of 19 is facing his impending mortality through terminal cancer . However he continues to keep positive and raise money for cancer charities by trying to complete his bucket list... Please visit and donate to his plight at

MiG, Ben Elton & Hannah Jane Fox after THE SHOW MUST GO ON performance

23 April 2014   Another day at ANNIE rehearsals in London done. We have started staging the numbers and blocking the scenes...but have to leave spaces for our Kiwi stars until we get to NZ. All happy campers so far. So much to learn in so little time. I love a challenge!!

Brother & Sister Act: Su Pollard (Miss Hannigan) with MiG (Rooster)

22 April 2014   Rehearsals started in earnest today with a read through (without our Kiwi orphans!) and a meet and greet (without our Kiwi orphans!). This cast is amazing and I feel so lucky to be amongst them. Zany, eccentric and brilliant! Can't wait to add our Kiwi orphans into the mix...and Sandy the dog !

22 April 2014   So today I begin a new adventure, that starts in London with rehearsals for ANNIE! I am excited to be playing ‘Rooster’, as I would make an awful ‘Annie’. Am busting with anticipation to meet my new cast, my new family. I’ll keep you posted with as much info as I can…Stay tuned!

 MiG with Steven Berkoff at THE SHOW MUST GO ON workshop in London

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