Proctors Theatre, Schenectady, NY

MiG to perform in Handel's Messiah Rocks, Tuesday 21 December, 2010. 

Handel's Messiah Rocks explores the Mystery of Faith, the Power of Love, and the Hope for Peace.   Led by the melding of Handel's original work for orchestra and voice with the contemporary vernacular of rock, each element of the production contributes to the exploration, raising questions of light, darkness, sadness, and beauty; illuminating the journey of the Messiah.   With asymmetry a core theme, the physical production, the music, and the artists who breathe life into this oratorio all align to pose these questions to the audience, no matter their orientation to faith or religion: "How will we be in the world now with each other? Can we love first?" In the pursuit of answers to these timely questions, Handel's Messiah Rocks speaks to the very best in each of us, inspiring hope that our actions matter.   

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Age limit: All ages