St. Pauls Church Covent Garden, London

MiG to perform at WEST END FEST, Sunday 19 August, 2012. West End Fest is a live West End concert and will include West End stars such as Chloe Hart, Lauren Varnham, Lisa Marie Wood, Claire Marie Hall, Lucy May Barker, Amy Diamond, Amy Lennox, Lucy Sinclair, Liam Doyle, Victoria Hamilton Baritt, Lucinda Shaw, Erin Cornell, Andrew Derbyshire, Woman the band, Duncan Singer, Paul Read Ayres, Rebecca Trehearn, Katie Paine, Dirk Johnston, George Ure, David Ribi, Patrick George, Simon Adkins, Tori Allen Martin, Ben Kelly, Isaac Kershaw, Anthony Etheridge, Jharda Walker, Gianluca De Martini, Sabrina Alouche, and Parnell Page. Click here to purchase tickets...



£20.00 Age limit: All ages