16 September 2013


Nearly fifteen inches of rain fell upon Boulder, Colorado and nearby counties, in just four days, with another four inches falling on Sunday. Six lives lost, twelve hundred people unaccounted for, seventeen hundred rescued by helicopters, including first responders whose emergency vehicles were covered by rising waters, roads becoming rivers, streams becoming lakes, floodwaters that include mud, rock, debris, washing away homes, people having to leave their homes, at times on a moments notice, having to leave their entire lives, as well as livestock, behind. 

Please help us help them by visiting helpcoloradonow.com, and or by downloading MiG's demo UNITED AS ONE (below), all downloads of the song over the coming days, being given to the American Red Cross.

Thank you so much to all, for caring,

Image © CBS4 Denver/Handout/Reuters

Image © Matthew Kennedy / Earth Vision Trust

Image © Andy Cross / The Denver Post 

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