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After an extremely successful run as 'Rooster Hannigan' in the ANNIE - NZ TOUR, MiG returns to the stage as 'Stacee Jaxx' in ROCK OF AGES - MANILA. In the upcoming weeks this new page on mig-music will be updated with pictures, video, mini-diary entries, as well as other ROCK OF AGES - MANILA mini-diary mig-music exclusives. In the meantime, click here to visit the ANNIE page for a look back on MiG's time on the ANNIE - NZ tour...

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22 October 2014   MAGIC: So I get this message from my buddy that he and his band just landed in Manila and are doing this little gig at the Newport Performing Arts Centre. But this is Ben Spivak with his band MAGIC! So this is no ordinary gig. They were brilliant. Such amazing musicians in their own right each. So very proud of their success and no one deserves it more than Ben. Their next little gig is to support MAROON 5 on their world tour. So, no biggie then...!!!

Nyoy Volante, MiG, and Ben Spivak after the MAGIC concert in Manila

20 October 2014   DON'T STOP REHEARSING: It's been amazing reuniting with all my crew in Manila, and getting to know my new cast mates! The show is shaping up great and will be even bigger, brighter and LOUDER than ever before. We are going to destroy the Meralco, one melted face at a time!

19 October 2014   I start rehearsals today for ROCK OF AGES - Manila. Our THIRD season!! Looking forward to reuniting with my good friends and meeting the new ones in a baptism of FIRE!! xx

12 October 2014   IT'S A TWISTER! Well, not really, but I did see a lot of rain fall in a very short time. The waters rose way too quickly in Manila. It was only a storm that lasted a couple hours, but even then, the streets were flooding and chaos seemed imminent. Obviously, something needs to be done to fix the despairingly inadequate drainage system of this city. This is a tropical country, subject to tropical storms. Rainfall here is frequent and heavy. I can only imagine how this city drowns when an actual typhoon hits. To improve the drainage system of this city should be the number one priority. Everyone knows it. I just don't know why it hasn't already been done. Typhoons are still coming. The city will flood again. How many lives must be lost before it is done? Where will the buck stop? When will this madness end?

10 October 2014   SHREK Atlantis has done it again. Every time I see one of their productions, I am blown away with the quality of the talent, the staging the EVERYTHING!! Their latest offering, SHREK was flawless! So proud of my ROA alumni, and proud of ALL the SHREK team, this Filipino production truly rivals any that I’ve seen anywhere around the world. I am still so buzzing with what an amazing time I had. Bravo Atlantis!!!!

6 October 2014   MANILA BOUND Manila here I come. I've also got a brand new re-order of MORE THAN EVER CDs, ready to go. Shiny and new and fresh out of the oven!! COME AND GET IT!!!!

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