ROCK OF AGES - MANILA mini-diary

Now that MiG has completed the WE WILL ROCK YOU 10th ANNIVERSARY WORLD ARENA TOUR, he returns to the Philippines to reprise his role as 'Stacee Jaxx' in ROCK OF AGES - MANILA. In the upcoming weeks this new page on mig-music will be updated with pictures, video, mini-diary entries, as well as other ROCK OF AGES - MANILA mig-music exclusives. In the meantime, click here to visit the WE WILL ROCK YOU page for a look back on MiG's time on the tour...


ROCK OF AGES - MANILA mini-diary sneak peek's



ROCK OF AGES - MANILA mini-diary entries

27 July 2013  It's THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! The final ROCK OF AGES show in Manila EVER! The battle of egos, spandex and guy-liners reaches its ultimate climax at the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre at the RCBC Plaza. May the best pout win...
27 July 2013  So I find myself on the eve of my last day of ROCK OF AGES in Manila. I have had such an amazing time with such a magnificent group of people. From the cast to the crew to the band to the creatives, it has been a joyful experience from beginning right up to this very end. I will treasure the glorious memories and miss my new beautiful friends. I will miss 'Stacee' but will hang up my lycra and guyliner proudly knowing that I have given it my all and have lived the dream. Let's go out with a bang, Manila. You rock my world!! xx
STACEE JAXX...and Arsenal...Doing their final gig at the Bourbon Room at the RCBC Plaza, Carlos Romulo Theater. Melting faces, one Pinoy at a time!!
23 July 2013  RADIO REPUBLIC  Had a wonderful time at Radio Republic today. This place totally rocks. Its dedication to local Filipino Rock talent is second to none. Stay tuned for the full MiG interview and live performance. x
MiG, Reynen Diego & Lucie Jones @ Radio Republic Studios
18 July 2013  Our last night on Boracay Island with the family! This place is just Heaven on Earth! Back to Manila today for yet another weekend of rock'n'roll mayhem with ROCK OF AGES!
15 July 2013  Spending a few days on glorious Boracay Island, and it don't get better than this!!
11 July 2013  On the day of our first preview, everything is on track and ready to explode all over the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre in the RCBC Plaza in Makati, Manila, Philippines. This is going to be friggin' awesome!!
STACEE JAXX is back in the HOUSE!
7 July 2013  ROCK OF AGES SITZPROBE  'Arsenal' meets the cast of ROCK OF AGES for the return Manila season. Only a few days left of fine-tuning rehearsals before our first preview on July 11, and then our big opening July 12. This show is in great shape and we promise to rock even harder than we did in 2012. Faces, get ready to MELT!!!
25 June 2013  THE BUGOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!  Rehearsals for ROCK OF AGES - The Return Season are in full swing. Be afraid... Be very afraid!
MiG, Jamie Wilson & Jett Pangan at rehearsals
24 June 2013  MiG IN JAPAN  En route to Manila, thought I'd stop over in Tokyo for some sushi and sake...
23 June 2013  HERE I GO AGAIN...  Checked in, awaiting to board my Delta flight to Manila via Tokyo. Am psyched to reunite with my Manila ROCKERS OF AGES and start the ball rolling. Melting faces all around the world!! 

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